Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Expendables: Bangs, More Bangs, and really Big Bangs. With a Bang side-salad … 

You know, I’ve GOT to be honest, it’s not THAT often I head over to Kevin D’s for a film.

That IS a bit naughty of of me, I’ll be honest.

Burt it’s also something I know I manage to remedy last night.

As did Kevin, actually: complete with a copy of the 2010 film, The Expendables.

Which is something we both agreed on … !



The Stallone penned/directed, star-studded 2010 film, The Expendables, sees Stallone as Barney Ross: leader of the elite group of mercenaries which give the film its name.

Hired by the mysterious Mr Church — Bruce Willis — to scout put the island of Vileni, and overthrow the régime of General Garza.

And — after a initially bad scouting mission — deciding to take the job, after something of an emotional confrontation with team co-ordinator, Tool: played by Mickey Rourke*.

With …

Well, rather explosiveª results … !


Now …

Whether The Expendables is any good … ?

Personally, I’ve got to admit, I enjoyed The Expendables: but that won’t blind me to the fact it’s not exactly perfect. Frankly, I think I could do better with some of the dialogue.

On the other hand … ?

On the other hand, I — and Kevin, as well, I think — did mark The Expendables up. After all, it Mr Stallone and the rest of the cast did manage to make a good effect.

Here …

Here’s what Kevin and I thought …

The Expendables
Paul: ★★☆☆
Kevin: ★★☆☆
Average: ★★☆☆

* I’ve got to admit, best thing in it … !

ª Rumours that Jason Statham is changing his name to Slim Pickens have been scrupulously denied by his agent, his wife, his press spokesman, all three of his kids, his cousin Harry, Dexter Fletcher AND the bloke in the pub, last night. Fabrice Muamba has spoken from his hospital bed to deny it. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband have all said it’s a vile slur on Slim Pickens. What’s more, Slim Pickens has threaten to sue any one who spreads the story. When asked, Jason Statham himself, said “You wha … ?”

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