Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Plans For the Saint James Road Development …

Hmmmm …

Right … !

OK …

Now, you’ve possibly already realised that I’ve been campaigning against — or at least writing about — the planned offices/flats/mixed used development in Saint James Road for quite some time.

And heard, late last night, that the proposed development — planned and sponsored by Taylor Wimpey — is to go before Brentwood Council’s planning committee, next Tuesday.

A TOUCH short on time, I’m thinking, and certainly something that caught me by surprise.

And left me fuming, when I realised that it had been recommended for approval.

Fuming enough to head into town, this morning, to Brentwood Council, to ask what was going on.

The staff there weren’t able to tell me much: although they DID tell me that — apparently — letters had gone out to various residents, so those who wish to object or approve in person could do so.

I’ve already volunteered to speak out against this.

As you mite have guessed.

Here’s hoping that meeting goes well.


There’s something else, as well.

I’ve also managed to talk to the conservative, Councillor Lloyd, who’s shop is around the corner from me.

And who ALSO happens to be on the planning committee.

According to him, he can’t actually talk about which way’s he’s planning to vote on the subject: something I know I’ve always thought of as a daft rule, I should add.

He also told me that — due to the legalities of the original planning applications, and approvals — SOMETHING had to be put on the site.

Something that I frankly doubt.

With all due respect to Councillor Lloyd, if that WAS the case, why on EARTH are any sort of plans for that last patch of unused ground coming before the planning committee: for the THIRD time* … ?

At ANY rate … ?

Phew … !

At ANY rate, after all that, I think I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for next Tuesday.

After all, stage fright isn’t pleasant …

* Complete with the planned crèche. The planned crèche. I HONESTLY don’t know if there’s any demand for a crèche, I really don’t. But if you look on page 9 of the planning document, it says “We assume there is demand for a crèche facility.” Assume … ? They’ve not actually ASKED … ? Every so often, Great Britain has a National Censusº. Has anyone at Brentwood Council’s planning office gone out and either looked at that, or just plain asked people … ?

º There’s also the issue of parking, as well. Most of my neighbours still complain about it. In addition, page six of the AMDoc that outlines the various consultation processes that have been gone through, under Section 3 — Consultation Responses says “Although the amount of parking for the residential element and layout of the proposed vehicle parking would not fully comply with current standards, the Highway Authority would not wish to raise an objection to the above application, given the submitted Transport Statement, the previous approval, the location with good access to frequent and extensive public transport and local facilities, policy in PPG 13 and the Brentwood Borough Council adopted parking standards.” Hmmm … To be frank, I think most of my neighbours don’t really use public transport. They’ve got cars …

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X-FSG Drone said...

Good luck with your campaign. I am writing this next to the sound of construction work on the 850+ houses being built on the Harold Wood hospital site. NO-ONE (other than Countryside Properties) wanted the development, the area's facilities will not support it, a political party was created to oppose the planning application through all its stages and it was strongly opposed at every stage. After the application was passed there was a small amount of work next to us needed to improve drainage to the new site. They didn't even manage to carry that out as published. Our faith in the planning process is rather smaller than in the Tooth Fairy! (Sue still believes in the Tooth Fairy, sh'e just pointed out)