Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cash: Money, Elections and Campaigning like a Trooper.

You know, it’s REALLY not that often I get political, it really isn’t.

Actually … ?

It’s not that often I ask for money, either.

Although I’d say my mother would possibly disagree, there.

At ANY rate, you’ve probably worked out that there’s local elections up and coming in Brentwood, on the 3rd of May.

And that a friend of mine, Karen Chilvers, is standing as a Lib-Dem candidate.

And frankly … ?

Hmmm … How do I this … ?

Needs funds …

Here’s the letter she sent me …
Dear Paul

The night of 5/6 May, 2011 was one of the most difficult of my life. Just after midnight, I learned that I had lost out on being your councillor for another four years. I missed out by just 10 votes.

That result came at the end of the bitterest fight Brentwood has ever seen. The Tories stooped to new lows in their leaflets. They were so bad that they had to publish an apology for what they had said.

I really don’t want to repeat that night. I’m back again, determined to replace that memory with a win on 3rd May, 2012.

People are pleased that I am fighting to stop the Tory-led council allowing excess building in the area. They are also shocked that the council has, yet again, published its accounts late and cost residents thousands as a result. But there is a problem.

My agent, Ian Gale, has costed my campaign, and tells me we are “a little short” of the funds we need to pay for the campaign we have already planned. So I need your help - now.

With your support, we can make sure the Tories don’t buy the result here in Brentwood. They regularly spend twice as much as we do locally.

I’m asking you to give £25 — or more if you can. Otherwise, their is a real danger that we will have to cut back our plans on May 3rd.

Remember: I was just 10 votes short, last year. A tiny swing will win us the election. Every pound you give — or leaflet you deliver — could make the difference.

Thanks, again, for supporting me. We can get the result we want, here,on 3rd May.

With Best Wishes

Karen Chilvers,

Brentwood West Liberal Democrat Candidate.
There …

Now, that’s that letter she sent: and bear in mind here, that she lost the election by 10 votes: I couldn’t help but notice there were 9 people who objected to the Brunel House development, including myself.

Which will hopefully help.


At any rate … ?

At any rate, I think I’m actually not going to ask you to give me money: although you’re welcome to, if you want to.

Cash, for preference … !

But on a SERIOUS note

I’m ACTUALLY going to ask you to give Karen your money: if, of course, funding local politics — or a Liberal-Democrat candidate — is something you think you’re comfortable with.

You can drag and drop the form over to you desktop, print it out, fill it out and send it to:
Karen Chilvers,
Liberal Democrats,
CM14 4XR
Or, if you’re feeling digital, you can visit this link, and make a donation via PayPal.

Have fun.


Karen Chilvers said...

Thanks for posting my appeal - fighting election is a costly business when you haven't got the unions or big business backing you!

I'm not rich, and I have been out of work for a bit of late so I just can't fund it all!

If you want to see what I have done for Rollason Way, this is a good place to start:

Many thanks to anyone who donates!


Karen Chilvers said...
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Nik Nak said...

I'm just just glad to help, Karen ... !