Friday, 2 March 2012

A Pleasant Surprise … 

Hmmm, well, THERE’s a day … !

I’ve got to confess, every so often, I make a habit of opening my letterbox to see what’s in it.

It’s usually bills: sort of why I’m always worried about opening, actually, but there we go.

Today, thoufh, I actually managed to get a pleasant surprise, in there …

A tax rebate.

I’m on what’s called Pay As You Earn, or PAYE, which means something like this usually goes through a company payroll department.

And, as I’d no idea I was due one … ?

Well …

You can imagine.


At ANY rate, most of the actual money has now gone: or been spoken for

Mostly where I cashed the cheque at a local financial services, and immediately managed to settle up some outstanding rent arrear: arrears that had built up, along with my shaky recent employment history, and have now been put to bed.

(Very handy piece of timing, in that sense: it frees up about £40 a month I can use on other bills.)

The one treat I have allowed myself is a set of cheap — but rather powerful — speakers to go with the TV.

And, having just watched an old (Tennant-era) episode of Dr Who can certainly admit, the things definitely pack quite a bit of welly.

Let me leave you with someone I’ve been getting used to: a certain mr Amon Tobin, complete with his album track, Chronic Tronic.

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