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The Friday Question Set — 16-03-2012: Oh, and while I’m on the Boiler … 

Oh, now …

That’s a bit of a result!

I’ve got to confess that, after some amount of years, I’ve finally managed to get off me bum and talk my landlords into sending a contractor down.

Basically … ?

To have a look at me boiler, at long last … !

Complete with the relevant part, obviously.

I’ll be frank, switching over to a pay-as-you-go meter has given me a bit of a push, there, with the amount of money that I’ve had to put on it.

Well, that.

And the fact that the engineer who fitted it told me there was a leak, somewhere.

Suddenly, not getting that seen to is costing a bob or two …


But let’s move on, shall we … ?

It is, after all, a Friday: and Fridays — as my long term audience will tell you — means the Friday Question Set.

Here we go: here’s that set, covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License 2·0.
Online 143

Q1) In which decade were satellite pictures first broadcast across the Atlantic?
A1) The 1960’s

Q2) The police series, Bergerac, was set on which Channel Island?
Q2) Jersey.

Q3) Helvetia is mentioned on stamps from which country: Switzerland, Greece or South Africa?
A3) Switzerland.

Q4) What colour is Paprika?
A4) Red.

Q5) Viagra was originally prescribed to do what: improve the circulation, improve the memory or prevent arthritis?
A5) Improve the circulation.

Q6) Miss Anna Jarvis inaugurated which Day, in Philadelphia, in 1907: Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Be Nice to Your Boss Day?
A6) Mothers Day.

Q7) Which town was the site of the first public school for girls, Cheltenham or Rœdean?
A7) Cheltenham.

Q8) How was Prison Camp Oflag IVC better known, during World War Two?
A8) Colditz.

Q9) Which part of the body does a reflexologist deal with?
A9) The Feet.

Q10) Atom Heart Mother was the first chart topping album by which iconic British group: Pink Floyd, Queen or Hawkwind?
A10) Pink Floyd.


Q11) Who was Radio One’s first female DJ?
A11) Annie Nightingale.

Q12) Who’s the long-serving presenter of I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue?
A12) Humphrey Lyttleton.

Q13) Which Rochdale–born presenter — and protégé of John Peel — is has been BBC Radio’s champion of World Music?
A13) Andy Kershaw.

Q14) Fox FM is the local Radio station for which English University City, Oxford, Cambridge or Bristol?
A14) Oxford.

Q15) Roy Plomley was the original presenter of which Radio 4 show?
A15) Desert Island Discs.

Q16) Which educational institution started broadcasting on radio, in 1971?
A16) The Open University.

Q17) What was the first commercial radio station to be broadcast, back in 1934?
A17) Radio Luxembourg.

Q18) What was London’s first commercial Radio station?
A18) LBC.

Q19) Which nightly reading was launched on BBC radio, in 1949?
A19) Book at Bedtime.

Q20) In which year was The Archers first broadcast: 1951, 1961, or 1971?
A20) 1951.


Q21) Supermodel, Jodie Kidd, has represented Britain at which equine sport?
A21) Polo.

Q22) What name is given in rowing and other sports, to to a lucky loser’s heat, giving them a second chance to qualify?
A22) Repechage.

Q23) In which year was the Boat Race first run, 1798, 1877 or 1919?
A23) 1877.

Q24) What was Susan Brown’s sporting first, in 1981?
A24) First woman to steer a winning boat race crew.

Q25) Which high profile sportsman refused to be drafted, in1967?
A25) Muhammed Ali.

Q26) What race took place in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1875?
A26) The Kentucky Derby.

Q27) The All-England Club, at Wimbledon, is home to Lawn Tennis, & which other sport?
A27) Croquet.

Q28) Which Australian Fly–half took 911 points in 72 tests, in the 80s & 90s?
A28) Michael Lynagh.

Q29) What was significant about Jack Johnson’s heavyweight victory over Tommy Burns in 1908?
A29) He was the first black champion.

Q30) What indoor ball game originated at Harrow Public School, in the middle of the 19th century?
A30) Squash.


Q31) Which legendary rock band appeared in Coronation Street, in 2005?
A31) Status Quo.

Q32) Who reached number 4, in 1986, with a vocal version of the EastEnders theme tune, called Anyone Can Fall In Love?
A32) Anita Dobson. (Better known as Angie Watts).

Q33) Danii Minogue, Kylie’s kid sister, appeared in Home & Away. What was the name of her character?
A33) Emma Jackson.

Q34) In Neighbours, what was the name of Lou and Harold’s shop?
A34) The General Store.

Q35) In Hollyoaks, what instrument does Rhys Ashworth play?
A35) Drums

Q36) In Coronation Street, who did Gail describe as “Norman Bates with a briefcase”?
A36) Her husband, Richard Hillman.

Q37) There were two rival families in Dallas; – name either. (Two points for both.)
A37) The Ewings and the Barnes.

Q38) In Dallas, what was the name of Pam and Bobby’s adopted son?
A38) Christopher.

Q39) In EastEnders, what term of endearment did Alfie Moon use for Peggy Mitchell?
A39) Duchess.

Q40) Roger Tonge played which character, in the original Crossroads?
A40) Sandy.


Q41) What’s the largest organ inside the Human Body?
A41) The liver.

Q42) What’s the total number of bones in the human body154, 206, or 237?
A42) 206.

Q43) What’s the largest vein in the human body?
A43) The Aorta.

Q44) True or False: Crœhn’s Disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the lungs.
A44) False. it’s a bowel condition.

Q45) What is Myopia?
A45) Short-sightedness.

Q46) Which part of the body id the Axilla: the armpit, the foot, or the elbow?
A46) The Armpit.

Q47) What muscle is attached at only one end?
A47) The tongue.

Q48) Name either of the two female sex hormones. (Two points for for both)
A48) Oestrogen & progesterone

Q49) What part of the body does the word ‘vascular’ refer to?
A49) The blood vessels.

Q50) Rubella is otherwise known as which disease?
A50) German Measles.


Q51) Victor Emmanuel was the first king of which European country?
A51) Italy.

Q52) Leander is the world’s oldest sports club: but which sport is it dedicated to?
A52) Rowing.

Q53) In which year of the 1970’s did John Lennon perform his last live concert?
A53) 1972.

Q54) Michæl Fagan hit the headlines when he broke into where?
A54) Buckingham Palace. (He famously asked the Queen for a light.)

Q55) Thriller writer Salvatore Lombino is better known how: Ed McBain, Frederick Forsyth or John Le Carré?
A55) Thriller writer Ed McBain.

Q56) Phillip Blaiberg was the second person to do what: pilot a space shuttle, go over the Niagara Falls in a barrel, or fly a hot air balloon?
A56) Pilot a space shuttle.

Q57) Richard 2nd is said to have popularised the use of which everyday item: the handkerchief, the cruet set or the chip pan?
A57) The Hanky.

Q58) The Lev is the currency of where: Bulgaria, Romania, or Poland?
A58) Bulgaria.

Q59) Raoul Capablanca found fame playing which game?
A59) Chess.

Q60) According to the old saying, how many lives does a cat have?
A60) Nine.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you later …

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