Saturday, 27 October 2012

Merlin Series 5 — Episode 4 Another’s Sorrow

You know, I’ll be honest … 

But it ALWAYS surprises me, sometimes, quite how long actually prepping up for a post about Merlin can take.

About fifty minutes for tonight’s episode, if you’re wondering: from the end of tonight’s aired episode — episode 4 of the 5th season, called Another’s Sorrow — to getting a couple of photo’s done, to looking up relevant webpages, and, as a last touch, opening iTunes — to get some Kronos Quartet going — and Pac the Man X, just in case I need to let off steam.

To actually opening up the Edit page, to start written.

That’s WITHOUT any video footage, demonstrating any points I wish to highlight.

Wait, what’s that you say … ?

Why bother, you say … ?   Well, I’m having fun: I’m assuming you are, as well, in your own dear sweet way … 

Hmmm … 

Let’s get a hoof on, shall we?   Sitting here nattering ’s getting us nowhere … !


As you know, I’ve been following a couples of TV series on a regular basis, for some time, now: Dr Who, obviously.

And the BBC’s own updated version of Merlin, now in it’s fifth season.

Fifth season … the fourth episode of which was tonight’s Another’s Sorrow.

Another’s Sorrow sees the return of an old friend to Camelot, in the shape of Princess Mithian*.   Mithian’s father, King Rodorº, has been captured by Odin^: the man who’d had a heck of a lot to do with the death of Uther.

Understandably, Arthur’s reaction — to take as many knights as possibly, along with Merlin and Gaiusª, to try an find both Rodor and Odin, AND extract revenge — is understandable.   And warned against, by Guinevere, Gaius, Merlin and Sir Leon†.

What no-one realises, to start with … ?

Is that Mithian’s personal maid, Hilda, is Morgana, heavily disguised by an aging spell similar to the one that Merlin himself uses.

And frankly … ?

Frankly, is out to take power in Camelot by any means necessary … 


Now, the usual sort of questions crop up, don’t they … ?

Was Another’s Sorrow a good episode … ?

Hmmmm … 

I’ll be frank, as entertaining as I found it, I also couldn’t help but notice the rather large hole in the bottom of the bucket.

The simple fact that Arthur, Gwen and Merlin all grew up with Morgana: they and Gaius should really have had  a lot less trouble than they did, in spotting that suspiciously familiar looking maid … !!

Like I say … 


Just don’t trip over the hole … 


*        Reprised by Janet Montgomery.

º        James Fox: uncle of Emilia Fox, who’s another graduate of the series.

^        Fintan McKeown.

ª        Series regular, Richard Wilson: looking more and MORE like William Hartnell, every day … 

†        Although not by Uncle Tom Hobbley.   I don’t think he’s been given a look in, as yet … 

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