Monday, 1 October 2012

The Daily Teaser — 1-10-2012


I hate sleeping straight through my alarm!

After all, I meant to start by wish my sister, Ruth — Jude’s bought her a pressie already — a happy birthday.

And ask you if you remember me mentioning a Korean pop song that got a mention on Radio 4, a while ago … ?

Oppan Gangnam Style … ?   Well, it’s only gone and topped the UK charts … !

You see … ?

John Humphries is far more cool than you think.

Let’s move on, shall we?

I’ve a busyish day.


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi putting in her answers: along with telling us she’s looking forward to the rest of this year’s Dr Who*, also bagging 5 out of 5.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s Teaser, shall we?   Here’s those questions, along with the ‘How To’, License and video … 

Q1) 1st October, 191975, saw who win the Thrilla in Manila … ?
Q2) More to the point, who did he beat … ?
Q3) 1st October, 1946, saw Nazi leaders sentenced at the Nuremberg Trials: how many were sentenced to death, by hanging … ?
Q4) 1st October, 1969, saw Concorde break the sound barrier for the first time: what was Concorde’s maximum speed Mach 2.04, 3.05 or 4.06 … ?
Q5) 1st October, 1949, saw the establishment of the People’s Republic of China: who made that proclamation … ?
Q6) And finally … 1st October, 1964, saw what type of train begin service … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 30th September, 1955, saw the death of actor, James Dean, in a car crash: what make of car was he driving, at the time … ?
A1) A Porsche.
Q2) 30th September, 1967, saw the BBC’s Home Service Radio station become what … ?
A2) Radio 4.
Q3) 30th September, 1990, saw the Dalai Lama unveil a statue in the Canadian capital city: what IS the Canadian capital city … ?
A3) Ottawa.
Q4) 30th October 1994, saw the closure of what was the furthest tube station from central London: which station was it …?
A4) Ongar.
Q5) And finally … that same day, 30th September, 1994, saw the closure of Aldwych station: Aldwych had originally been named what … ?
A5) Strand.
Enjoy those, everyone.

Did you know it’s Wishbone Ash frontman, Michael Turner’s Birthday?

Let’s get a bit hippy, and celebrate with this … 

And I’ll leave you with this quote from the late Walter Matthau …
“My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.”  
Walter Matthau October 1, 1920 – July 1, 2000

*        I know I am, Debbi!   Saying thatº … ?   I know I’m going to be equally glued to Merlin over the next few weeks: which is a fantastic take on the old myths.   (Oh, and has Katie McGrath, but but let’s not talk about it … )

º        Actually, Debbi … You did see The Power Of Three … ?   During it, the 11th Doctor takes Amy and Rory to 19th Century Paris, where — apparently — they have to deal with a bunch of Zygons, under the Savoy.   I’ll be frank, I’d happily commit screaming blue murder to see THAT one on TV … !


Alfy said...

Wish I could play but time isn't on my side. -Angela

Nik Nak said...

That’s a shame,Angie:it’d be good to see you back on board …

Debbi said...

I remember seeing that episode, but I think my mind has been blown by the most recent ones. :)

1. Muhammad Ali
2. Joe Frazier
3. ten
4. Mach 2.04
5. Mao Zedong
6. bullet trains

Good news. The Nats have clinched the division title! Yay!!!

It's a baseball thing. :)