Friday, 5 October 2012

The Friday Question Set — 5-10-2012

Oh, now, that … 

Is sad, in it’s implications.

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news, but if you have, you know about the missing schoolgirl in Wales, April Jones.

Who had, until today, been technically, missing.

Unfortunately … ?

Unfortunately, the man who’s been arrested over her disappearance … has now been arrested for her murder.

I think you can work out the implications of that, just as well as I.

I think all I can do, at the moment … ?   Is to offer my heartfelt condolences to the little girl’s family.

After all, who the hell expects that … ?


At ANY rate, let’s get moving on, shall we?

After all: you’re here for the Friday Question Set.

Here — for all those struggling pub-quiz masters — it is, along with the usual Creative Commons License
Q1) Which composer’s music is usually annually celebrated in the German town of Beyruth?   A1) Wagner.
Q2) In which Dickens novel do Sir Leicester & Lady Honoria Dedlock appear?   Q2) Bleak House.
Q3) A sidereal day is the time it takes for a star to go round what?   A3) The Pole Star.   (Accept North Star.)
Q4) If you’re esurient, are you rich, hungry or lustful?   A4) Hungry.
Q5) In The Canyons Of Your Mind, was a hit for which 60s band?   A5) The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
Q6) In which year of the 1920s was the First Promenade Concert broadcast on the BBC’s Radio service?   A6) 1927
Q7) People with what colour hair have more hairs on their heads than any other?   A7) Blonde.
Q8) In which US city is Logan Airport?   A8) Boston.
Q9) Which Hull based band had a 1990 hit with A Little Time?   A9) The Beautiful South.
Q10) True or false: British troops tried invading Buenos Aires, in 1807.   A10) True.
Q11) Rickets is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin?   A11) Vitamin D.
Q12) Which is solid at room temperature, oil or fat?   A12) Fat.
Q13) Sodium Chloride is more commonly know as what, salt, pepper or vinegar?   A13) Salt.
Q14) How much milk does it take to make a pound of most cheeses?   A14) A Gallon.
Q15) The leaves and seed pods of the senna plant can be used as what, a laxative or a flavouring?   A15) A laxative.
Q16) Is Gazpacho soup a starter, a main course or a dessert?   A16) A starter.
Q17) How is the Alligator Pear better known?   A17) An avocado.
Q18) According to an old TV advert, what brand of gravy gives a meal. …man appeal?      A18) Oxo.
Q19) Which French royal house gave its name to a biscuit?   A19) Bourbon.
Q20) What name is given to dried plums?   A20) Prunes.
Q21) A visible Light Spectrum is better known as what?   A21) A rainbow.
Q22) What disease was called the English Disease, by the French, & the French Disease by the English?   A22) Syphilis.
Q23) In computing, WYSIWYG stands for What you see is …?   A23) …What You Get.
Q24) Where in the human body, is the human body’s smallest muscle?   A24) In the Ear.
Q25) What are older, veteran cars or vintage cars?   A25) Veteran.
Q26) What does a cruciverbalist study?   A26) Crossword puzzles.
Q27) Ted Turner is a well-known name in which industry?   A27) Broadcasting.   (He’s the chap that founded and runs CNN.)
Q28) What letter is furthest left on a computer keyboard?   A28) Q.
Q29) What part of a car may be either drum, or disc?   A29) The brakes.
Q30) Which dangerous substance is also known as woolly rock?   A30) Asbestos.
Q31) Which English king signed The Magna Carta?   A31) King John.
Q32) Which King was also the brother of that king … ?   A32) Richard 1st.
Q33) How old was Anne Boleyn when she was beheaded: 26, 36 or 46?   A33) 36.
Q34) Who invented the electronic telegraph and the now famous code that went with it, first used in 1837?   A34) Samuel  Morse.
Q35) What uplifting device did Elisha G. Otis invent in 1852?   A35) The modern day elevator.
Q36) Scientists are to reconstruct the genetic code of Neanderthal Man: but when were the first Neanderthal remains discovered: 1756, 1806 or 1856?   A36) 1856.
Q37) In which year did soldiers of the Bengal army rebel against their British officers in India: 1857, 1877 or 1897?   A37) 1857.
Q38) In which World War was the battle of Tannenberg?   A38) World War 1.
Q39) Which American President was in power, at the time of the Cuban missile crisis?A39) J. F. Kennedy.
Q40) With which foot did Neil Armstrong first step on to the moon: his left or right?   A40) Left.
Q41) Which former Star Wars actress wrote Postcards from the Edge, and Delusions of Grandma?   A41) Carrie Fisher.
Q42) Caryn Jones is better known as which Nun impersonating comedienne?   A42) Whoopi Goldberg.
Q43) Who joined Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci on the poster for Good Fellas?   A43) Ray Liotta.
Q44) Gert Frobe played which James Bond villain, back in 1964: Goldfinger, Dr No or Jaws?   A44) Goldfinger.
Q45) Eyes Wide Shut was the last film to made by which Stanley?   A45) Stanley Kubrick.
Q46) Who did Michelle Pfeiffer play, in Batman Returns?   A46) Catwoman.
Q47) What was the occupation of Robert De Niro’s character in Raging Bull?   A47) Boxing.
Q48) Which British actor played Gandhi, in Gandhi?   A48) Ben Kingsley.
Q49) Which Peter was one of the central characters in Hook?   A49) Peter Pan.
Q50) Morgan Freeman got his second Oscar nomination for his appearance in which film?   A50) Driving Miss Daisy.
Q51) A Syllabub is made by mixing wine with what: cream, eggs or cheese?   A51) Cream
Q52) If you died a ‘Stræ’ death, where, according to most Scotsmen, would you have died?   A52) In bed.
Q53) In which 80s comedy series did David & Tony Webb play twins, Stanley & Bruce Matthews?   A53) Hi-De-Hi.
Q54) Which British athlete was the first to simultaneously win Olympic, World, Commonwealth Gold, and the World Record?   A54) Daley Thompson.
Q55) What red flower is the traditional symbol of both Sleep and the dead?   A55) The Poppy.
Q56) What classic horror story was subtitled The Modern Prometheus?   A56) Frankenstein.
Q57) Which band had a 1983 № 1 hit with Only You?   A57) The Flying Pickets.
Q58) In the children’s TV series, The Queen’s Nose, what magical object did Harmony Parker rub?   A58) A 50p piece.
Q59) On which Caribbean island is the world’s largest asphalt deposit: Trinidad, Tobago or Saint Lucia?   A59) Trinidad.
Q60) On what radio station is The Archers, broadcast?  A60) Radio 4.
Enjoy that, folks: I hope it’s helpful … !

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