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The Friday Question Set — 12-10-2012

It’s Official … !

I know own a pair of trousers.

Well, obviously, I own a pair of trousers: but I now own a new pair.

Well … 

I have a new pair on order: which should be here by Monday.

Or so the Textiles Manager at Marks and Spencer tells me.

I hope so: that interview, on Tuesday, is getting ever nearer … 

But let’s move on, shall we?

After all, you’re here for … 


The Friday Question Set: aimed at those pub quiz masters in a hurry.

Here it is, along with the ‘How To’ and Creative Commons License
Online 172   
Q1) What is the longest reef in the world called?   
A1) The Great Barrier Reef.
Q2) From which tree does turpentine come?   
Q2) The pine.
Q3) What’s the record number for dimples on a golf ball: 1,050, 1,070 or 1, 090?   
A3) 1,070.
Q4) How many fences must horses jump to complete the Grand National course at Aintree: 20, 30 or 40?   
A4) 30.
Q5) Which new county was formed in 1974 from parts of Durham and Yorkshire?   
A5) Cleveland.
Q6) Which band made an album entitled The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway?   
A6) Genesis.
Q7) Who wrote the plays Forty Years On and The History Boys?   
A7) Alan Bennett.
Q8) Which newspaper used to be called the Daily Herald?   
A8) The Sun.
Q9) Which sport did Edward IV ban in 1477?   
A9) Cricket.
Q10) Who went down Devil Gate Drive in 1974?   
A10) Suzi Quatro.
Q11) Which vessel sunk in 1545, was recovered in 1982 and is now preserved in Portsmouth?   
A11) The Mary Rose
Q12) The SS Carpathia rescued survivors from which ship in 1912?   
A12) The Titanic
Q13) What was the name of the dredger involved in the Marchioness disaster of 1989?   
A13) The Bowbelle.
Q14) Which former transatlantic liner was destroyed by fire in Hong Kong in 1972?   
A14) The Queen Elizabeth.
Q15) Which US battleship is said to have been the first sunk at Pearl Harbor in 1941: the USS Arizona, the USS Texas or the USS Lexington?   
A15) The USS Arizona.
Q16) Which German battleship was scuttled off Montevideo in 1939?   
A16) The Graf Spee.
Q17) Who famously rescued people from the stricken steamer Forfarshire in 1838?   
A17) Grace Darling.
Q18) Which oil tanker ran aground off Milford Haven in 1996, spilling thousands of tons of oil?   
A18) The Sea Empress.
Q19) Which British car ferry sank off Zeebrugge in 1987 with the loss of 193 lives?   
A19) The Herald of Free Enterprise.
Q20) How many funnels did the Titanic have: three, four or five?   
A20) Four.
Q21) What name do Australian Aboriginals give to the period when the Earth and all living things were created?   
A21) The Dreamtime.
Q22) Is a billabong a small furry animal, a kind of boomerang or a pool?   
A22) A pool.
Q23) Which Australian song features a Jolly Swagman?   
A23) Waltzing Matilda.   (During a short period of the 1970’s, it was the Australian national anthem.)
Q24) Sydney is the capital of which Australian state?   
A24) New South Wales.
Q25) What colour shirts are worn by Australia’s rugby union team?   
A25) Gold.
Q26) On which vessel did Captain Cook explore Australia and New Zealand?   
A26) Endeavour.
Q27) What is the name of Sydney’s famous surfing beach?   
A27) Bondi Beach.
Q28) What is the state capital of Queensland?   
A28) Brisbane.
Q29) Which political party did Australian prime minister John Howard represent?   
A29) The Liberal Party.
Q30) Which sea lies bctween Australia and New Zealand?   
A30) The Tasman Sea.
Q31) Which American politician said “Space is almost infinite.   As a matter of fact, we think it is infinite” while head of the US National Space Council?   
A31) Dan Quayle
Q32) What planet connects a 1994 single released by the Inspiral Carpets, a brand of car made by General Motors and a gaming console manufactured by Sega?   
A32) Saturn
Q33) What piece of planeteary music was written by Colin Matthews to ‘complete’ Holst’s Planets suite and released to critical acclaim in 2000, but became redundant on 24 August 2006?   
A33) Pluto, the Renewer.
Q34) Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and David Beckham are among the players described as what?   
A34) Galacticos.
Q35) Who, in a very successful 1974, saw his band’s second album reach number 5 on the UK charts and also co-wrote a paper entitled An investigation of the motion of zodiacal dust particles?   
A35) Brian May.
Q36) Which constellation appears on the flags of Australia, Brazil, New Zealand & Samoa?   
A36) Southern Cross.
Q37) Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman proves to be the only thing that can kill the aliens in which 1996 film?   
A37) Mars Attacks!
Q38) What triggered the mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate cult in 1997?   
A38) The appearance of Comet Hale-Bopp.
Q39) What did Opal Fruits become in 1998?   
A39) Starburst.
Q40) What solar object appears on the flags of, among others, Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Kazakhstan and Taiwan?   
A40) The Sun.
Q41) In which film did John Wayne say “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”?   
A41) Stagecoach. (1939).
Q42) Which Catherine Tate character isn’t “bovvered”?   
A42) Lauren.
Q43) Which classic British comedy television series linked sketches with the catchphrase “And now for something completely different”?   
A43) Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
Q44) Which character delivered the catchphrase “Don’t panic!” in the television comedy series Dad’s Army?   
A44) Corporal Jones.
Q45) Which music hall star used the phrase “Turned out nice again”?   
A45) George Formby.
Q46) With which actress was the catchphrase “I want to be alone” associated?   
A46) Greta Garbo.
Q47) Which Toy Story character had as his catchphrase “To infinity and beyond”?   
A47) Buzz Lightyear.
Q48) Which television character uses the catchphrase “yeah but no but yeah but”?   
A48) Vicky Pollard (in the television series Little Britain).
Q49) As well as being their catchphrase, “Another Fine Mess” was the title of a 1930 film starring Laurel and Hardy - true or false?   
A49) True.
Q50) Which antiques expert has the catchphrase “Cheap as chips”?   
A50) David Dickinson.
Q51) Which country is serviced by Hello Air?   
A51) Switzerland.
Q52) Who is the man behind housewife-superstar Dame Edna Everage?   
A52) Barry Humphries.
Q53) Which is the longest book in the Bible?   
A53) Psalms.
Q54) Ulan Bator is the capital of which country?   
A54) Mongolia.
Q55) What colour light is placed on the starboard side of a vessel?   
A55) Green
Q56) Which children’s novel follows three children sent to live with relatives after their parents are killed in a fire?   
A56) Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Q57) Who, in the 19605, was dubbed ‘…the best prime minister we never had’?   
A57) R. A. (‘Rab’) Butler.
Q58) On which river does the Hoover Dam stand?   
A58) The Colorado.
Q59) Who was the first cricketer to score six sixes in a single over of first-class cricket?   
A59) Gary Sobers.
Q60) Which US organisation has its headquarters at Langley, Virginia?   
A60) The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you all later … !

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