Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Daily Teaser — 20-12-2012

Hmmm … 

I have to admit, I’m up late again: but I do have an excuse … !

I was up late — ish — watching Cabin In the Woods

And I’ve have to admit, I’ve also got last night’s episode of QI on, as well.

Complete with a Masticator.

Don’t ask!

You’d’ve had to have seen it … !

Let’s get moving on, shall we?


Yesterday’s teaser was another quiet one, with no-one putting in their answers.

Let’s see how we can interest in today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video … 

Q1) 20th October, 1720, saw the Royal Navy capture which pirate captain: Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain William Morgan, or Calico Jack … ?
Q2) More to the point … what was that pirate’s real name …  ?
Q3) 20th October, 2011, saw the death of which Libyan … ?
Q4) 20th October, 1968, saw the remarriage of Jackie Kennedy.   Who was she marrying  … ?
Q5) 20th October is World Osteoporosis Day: Osteoporosis being a disease that affects what: the bones, the lungs or the heart … ?
Q6) And finally … 20th October, 1632, saw the birth of scientist and architect, Sir Christopher Wren.   How many churches did he build in London, after the Great Fire of 1666 … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 19th October, 1914, during World War 1, saw the start of the First Battle of where … ?
A1) Ypres.
Q2) More to the point, in which year of World War 1 was the fifth — and last — Battle of that name … ?
A2) 1918.
Q3) In which European country was that first battle … ?
A3) Belgium.
Q4) Moving on … 19th October, 202 BC saw the Battle of Zama, the last battle of the 2nd Punic War: this saw Roman general, Scipio Africanus defeat whom … ?
A4) Hannibal.
Q5) 19th October, 1956, saw two countries issue a Joint Declaration, ending their World War 2 hostilities.   Name either of those countries.
A5) The two concerned were Japan and the Soviet Union.
Q6) And finally … 19th October, 1812, saw whose French forces retreat from Moscow … ?
A6) Napoleon Bonaparte’s.   (On the up side for the Gentleman from Corsica, this was one of those retreat’s you can really hum … !)
Enjoy those, everyone.

As it’s Mark King’s birthday, today, I’ll leave you with this tune from Level 42 … 

And this quote from fellow birthday boy, Bela Lugosi …
“Of all the roles I’ve done on the stage, I’m partial to Cyrano de Bergerac.”
Bela Lugosi, 20 October 1882 – 16 August 1956
Have a good day, everyone.

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Mr Strict said...

1> Calico Jack.
2> John Rackham.
3> Muammar Gaddafi.
4> Aristotle Onassis.
5> The bones.
6> 52 churches.