Friday, 5 October 2012

The Day The Earth Stood Still: A quick word

You know … Boring night’s in, on your todd, can be … 

Umm … 

Well, boring, to be frank.

Unless you’ve got something to do or watch, of course.

Actually … I had both.

I had a digital copy of The Day The Earth Stood Still: the 2008 remake, I should add, and something I’ve seen, enjoyed and written about before.

Definitely something to watch.

What tickled me … ?   Was the simple fact I actually managed to catch it on Dirty Gerty, the Media Strumpet.

Hmmm … 

You’re bemused, again, aren’t you … ?


Allow me to do a bit of explaining.

You’ve probably VERY aware I’m a bit of a Mac fan: and one on a bit of a budget, frankly.

But one that who’d been given an aging G4 PowerMac by some of my next door neighbours, who are soon to move out and wanted to save space on the lorry: I have to admit, I happily gave Andy and Claire a polite thank you, and can only wish them well, when they do move.

After all, they’ve given me something to do for a while, along with a cheap media machine.

You see, with nothing else on, last night, I hooked up the G4 up to Bruce — my 2007 Model Mac Mini — through what’s called FireWire Target Disc Mode.

Mostly to get any extraneous stuff off the machine, and transfer a couple of films over.

Which, I should add, worked nicely.

Once that was done … ?

I hooked Gerty up to my TV, changed over to the VGA channel.

And floated around to see how she blew.


Actually … 

She blew rather well.

He says … !

OK, The Day The Earth Stood Still came out looking rather choppy: going by the usual information pane I was able to access doing viewing, the film was going at about half the frame it should have been.

On the OTHER hand … ?

That’s not something I was too worried about, not when I on my own.   (With visitors, I’d be rewiring Bruce.)

And it did make for an interesting viewing experience.

Here … 

Let me leave you with what I thought of the film …
The Day The Earth Stood Still

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