Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Discovery: With Apologies To John Peel* … 

You know, it HAS to be said, Christmas can be a heck of a time of year, it really can.

Especially if money’s involved.

Which is a statement that’s going to be come back an haunt me, at some point … !

But, at ANY rate … ?   At any rate, we can only give the gifts we can afford, and hope for two things.

That that gifts we can are enjoyably useful.

And that the gifts we give both gratefully received and give pleasure.

Something I’m pretty sure has happened this year: chocolates and gift tokens always seem to go down well.

Oh, and in the youngest member of my family’s case … ?   Toy car’s alway’s seem to go down well.


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I have to admit to being suitable grateful to my family.

Bless them, they not only got me an iPod — the best they could afford, with the money available — and just enough cash so that I could treat meself to a few games.

Simple ones: like Tetris and Space Invaders: because I’m old school enough to like that sort of thing.

Rather than huge great monsters like Assassin’s Creed, although I’m sure a few people will try and persuade me otherwise.


The other thing I’ve managed to pick up — or couple of things — is albums.

Actually, a couple of specific ones.

If you ever get the chance to poke through my iTunes collection, you’d possibly notice there’s quite a bit of electronic on there.

Well, I have to admit, I’ve added some more.

A couple of vintage Tangerine Dream albums, Alpha Centauri and Phædra.

Can I be frank … ?

Having thoroughly enjoyed the White Noise album, An Electric Storm In Hell, these two are right up my street … !

Hmmm … 

Having given up smoking, and having a little — very little — more money to juggle means one thing.

I might just invest in a few more Tangerine Dream albums.

Who knows … !

*        Who, as with many bands, was the first English DJ to play them.

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