Friday, 18 January 2013

Kill List: Cult is the word …

18th January, 2013.

You know, it’s not THAT often I say this, but I might — MIGHT, I stress — have to rearrange the way I rate movies.

Please notice I say MIGHT, I hasten to add,

Equally, I might not: I’m a lazy little so and so, sometimes.

The reason I mention that … ?

Is the film I’ve just watched, tonight.

It’s either punching WAY above the weight one expects its to.

Or it’s … 

No, scrub that, Paul: Kill List is out and out punching above its weight.   Even if it’s the Brit-flick equivalent of an malnourished bantamweight …


Directed by Ben Wheatley, and written by both him and Amy Jump, Kill List sees Neil Maskell as Jay: a former soldier who, since leaving the army, has become a contract killer.

What’s more, Jay’s become a contract killer who’s marriage — to ’Shel, played by MyAnna Buring — has hit the proverbial rocks.   Until old friend and fellow hitman, Gal — Michael Smiley — let’s Jay know that he’s found them an easy little number.

Three killings: with a comfortably big pay-off.

It’s only when they meet the (never-named) client, who insists on slicing open his own — and Jay’s — palms, to seal the deal in blood, the pair realise the deal may well be slightly odder than their usual jobs … 


Now, I said about possibly re-arranging my ratings?

Actually, I very much doubt I will: but I always tell my friends who say “Why not give Film X a 5 star — or whatever — rating.”

I usually tell them: “If that’s what you want to give it, you’re welcome to: on your blog.”

However, I do — occasionally — come across films that are, like Kill List, seem to punch way above their weight.

And there’s only a few of them, I know that.   Pontypool is one: along with We Need To Talk About KevinAttack The Block and The Awakening are three others.

In what I think of as the Four Star club.

In other words, Kill List is a film that I feel is very good quality.   But whatever the quality, is one I feel you — you — should see for yourself.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it …
Kill List   

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