Friday, 18 January 2013

The Friday Question Set — 18-1-2013

Oh, now THAT had me laughing.

A reporter who’s covering the snow in Gloucester has just told us a story of a chap who got mugged for his wallet and phone.

It seems the mugger got caught: as police followed his footprints in the snow!

The twit … !

At ANY rate, risking life and limb as I frequently do … ?

Here’s this week’s Friday Question Set, covered by the usual license!   Leave me a comment, folks, let me know what you think … !

Online 186   

Q1) Which Royal Navy rank is senior: Captain or Commodore?   
A1) Commodore.

Q2) What do the initials RADA stand for?   
Q2) Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Q3) Which drug is sometimes referred to as brown sugar?   
A3) Heroin.

Q4) The 1st traffic lights appeared in 1919: but in which US city?   
A4) Detroit.

Q5) What is the collective name for Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po?    
A5) The Teletubbies.

Q6) What does a circle with a cross through it mean on a clothing label?   
A6) Do not dry clean.

Q7) Which former England football manager was named after an ill-fated band leader?   
A7) Glenn Hoddle.  Glenn Miller.

Q8) Who directed the 2005 movie,
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?   
A8) Tim Burton.

Q9) On a standard UK Monopoly board, what colour is Park Lane?   
A9) Dark Blue.

Q10) Who was the Roman god of war?   
A10) Mars.


Q11) Frank Beard is the most heavily bearded member of ZZTop: true or false?   
A11) False: drummer, Frank Beard is the only one with just a moustache. 

Q12) A track by which female artist was used as the theme to ITV’s Celebrity Love Island?   
A12) Jem

Q13) Who or what lived in Honalee?   
A13) Puff the Magic Dragon.

Q14) Who sang about ‘another suitcase in another hall’ in 1997?   
A14) Madonna.

Q15) Who was the leader of the first black band to play at Carnegie Hall?   
A15) Count Basie.

Q16) Which 1960s pop group was led by the Davies brothers?   
A16) The Kinks.

Q17) Can you name the publicity shy lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys?   
A17) Alex Turner.

Q18) Who released the album A Grand Don’t Come For Free?   
A18) The Streets.

Q19) Which group had a brief comeback with Rock Steady?   
A19) All Saints.

Q20) They tried to make her go to rehab, but who said no! no! no!   
A20) Amy Winehouse.


Q21) Which game features Reverend Green, Mrs White and Miss Plum?   
A21) Cluedo.

Q22) What does a twitcher look for?   
A22) Birds.

Q23) What name is given to the small discs used in a game of Tiddlywinks?   
A23) Winks.

Q24) What children’s toy was invented in 1900, by Frank Hornby?   
A24) Meccano.

Q25) What hobby was originally called Whiff Whaff?   
A25) Ping Pong   (Accept Table Tennis)

Q26) Which London Museum is named after a Queen and her cousin?   
A26) The Victoria And Albert

Q27) What do Whipsnade, Chessington and London have in common?   
A27) Zoos.

Q28) In Scrabble, how many points is the letter “g”, worth?   
A28) 2.

Q29) What would a campanologist need for his hobby?   
A29) Bells.

Q30) In Scrabble, what colour are the triple word squares?   
A30) Red.


Q31) What is Basketball player ‘Magic’ Johnson’s real first name?   
A31) Earvin.

Q32) What is usually found in a golf courses bunker?   
A32) Sand.

Q33) Who plays Rugby Union at Welford Road?   
A33) Leicester.

Q34) In November ’95, Jansher Khan won his 7th World Open title, at which indoor sport?
A34) Squash.

Q35) Model & actress, Robin Givens was the first woman to be married to which controversial boxer?   
A35) Mike Tyson.

Q36) Which British boxer was BBC Sports Personality of the Year, in 1970?   
A36) Henry Cooper.

Q37) In which sport was the Twenty20 Cup introduced?   
A37) Cricket.

Q38) Which team did Michael Owen leave, when he went to play in Spain?   
A38) Liverpool.

Q39) Who plays rugby union at the Recreation Ground, London Road?   
A39) Bath.

Q40) What was the first country to retain football’s World Cup?   
A40) Italy: winning in 19934 and 1938.


Q41) According to the old proverb, “He who sup’s with the Devil, should use a long …” what?   
A41) Spoon.

Q42) Venison comes from which animal?   
A42) Deer.

Q43) What cocktail would you find in a toolbox?   
A43) A vodka and orange: or screwdriver.

Q44) Name any of the alcoholic ingredients of a zombie.   (2 points for 2, 3 for all 3.)   
A44) White rum, dark rum, and over proof rum.   (The rest is pineapple and grapefruit juice)

Q45) Rollmop’s are traditionally made from which fish?   
A45) Herring.

Q46) Petits Pois are a small breed of which vegetable?   
A46) Peas.

Q47) There are seven working distilleries on which Scottish island?   
A47) Islay.

Q48) Peroni Beer comes from which European country?   
A48) Italy.

Q49) If something is cooked au gratin, what must it contain?   
A49) Cheese.

Q50) Which well known restaurant critic set up the Society of British Gastronomes?   
A50) Egon Ronay.


Q51) Which Japanese word means Divine Wind?   
A51) Kamikaze.

Q52) Who or what, is meant by the phrase, ‘The Fourth Estate’?   
A52) The Press.

Q53) Who was the first female presenter of Desert Island Discs?   
A53) Sue Lawley.

Q54) What’s the word for a group of nightingales?  
A54) A Watch.

Q55) Steadman Triples & Plain Bob Caters are what, church bell ringing patterns, knitting patterns or types of knot?   
A55) Church bell ringing patterns.

Q56) We all know about Chamois leather: but what kind of animal is a chamois?   
A56) A goat.

Q57) If you had an escutcheon, what would it be shown on?   
A57) Your coat of arms.

Q58) Leonard Fuchs gave his name to which flower?   
A58) Fuchsias.

Q59) If an elderly couple are happily married, whom are they likened to?   
A59) Derby & Joan.

Q60) Which Scottish comedian is known as ‘The Big Yin’?   
A60) Billie Connolly.

Enjoy them … !

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