Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wrestling … And Delia …

You know, I’m thinking it’s THAT time of year, again: the time when, basically, there really is nothing on TV.

Mostly where the various UK tv channels have blown the budget on Christmas movies and specials.

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, there’s USUALLY a good show on, somewhere, if you look around.

Today’s been Delia Derbyshire Day, for example.

Which means you can probably find something out there to watch in YouTube land, about the one woman in the UK who knew anything about Music Concret, for example: and knew how to arrange music so it became unrecognisable.

There’s ALSO the chance to go for something a bit theatrical.

Or on stage, at any rate.


Actually …

Now I mention it, there it possibly something you could go and see, if you’re in Brentwood on the 9th of February, this year.

You’ve possibly already worked out that a friend of mine, Kevin D, does a bit of wrestling, now and again: is even a member of an Essex based wrestling school — called Dropkixx — that does the odd show, around the south east.

I think I’ve mentioned it before now.

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I thought I’d best mention the simple fact that there’s another Dropkixx show, on February 9th.

At Brentwood Theatre: doors open at 7pm, for a 7.30 start.

Tickets are £10: or £6 with concessions.

Kevin’s got a bout lined up.

Go buy a ticket, folks: wish Kevin luck in person.

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