Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Daily Teaser — 24-1-2013

You know, I think I’ve an issue.

Not a serious one, I should add.

No: it’s just I’m finding the iPod edition of Tetris a bit addictive.

Still, it could be worse: there’s a lot of nastier stuff out there to be addicted to … !

Let’s get moving on, shall we?

Yes. let’s …


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi putting in her answers: as well as putting up a post on identity, and telling us how impressed she was by Terry Pratchett, she also managed to bag 10 out of 10*.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with todays questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video …

Q1) 24th January, 1961, saw playwright, Arthur Miller divorce his wife: who was she … ?
Q2) More to the point, which of his plays won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, in 1949 … ?
Q3) Equally to the point, his late, ex-wife was credited as the Girl in which of her films … ?
Q4) 24th January, 76 AD, saw the birth of which Roman Emperor: Hadrian, Vespasian or Constantine … ?
Q5) 24th January, 1984, saw Apple introduce the Macintosh: who was the then company chairman … ?
Q6) And finally … 24th January, 41 AD, saw the assassination of Emperor Caligula: who played him in classic TV series, I, Claudius … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 23rd January, 1986 saw the first members inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   Name any of the first performers to be honoured.
A1) Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Elvis Presley.   (Now, breath … !).
Q2) How many years after releasing a first record can someone be inducted into the Hall of Fame: 20 years, 25 years or 30 years … ?
A2) 25 years.
Q3) The Hall of Fame Ahmet Ertegun Award honours non-performers who’ve made a contribution to rock and roll.   It’s named after Ahmet Ertegun, who founded WHICH record company … ?
A3) Atlantic Records..
Q4) More to the point, which DJ was the first winner of that award: John Peel, Alan Freed or Wolfman Jack … ?
A4) Alan Freed.
Q5) Which of those first inductees had a UK hit with Maybellene … ?
A5) Chuck Berry.
Q6) Which of those inductees is — technically — the Reverend Richard Wayne Penniman … ?
A6) The noticeably flamboyant Little Richard.
Q7) More to the point, which of the Reverend’s songs opens with ‘A Wop Bop A Loo Bop, a Wop Bam Boom’ … ?
A7) Tutti Frutti.
Q8) Name either of the English bands that have the most songs listed — at 8, apiece — on the Hall Of Fame’s ‘Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll’ … ?
A8) The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
Q9) In which year of the 1990s did Bob Marley become the first Reggæ artist to be inducted into the Hall of Fame … ?
A9) 1994.
Q10) The Sex Pistols refused to show up when they were inducted into the Hall Of Fame: in which year was this … ?
A10) 2006.
As it’s Neil Diamond’s birthday, today … ?   I’ll leave you with this … 

And this quote from the late Ernest Borgnine …
“I got a job immediately after leaving high school; I was lucky - three dollars a week and all I could eat, working on a vegetable truck.”
Ernest Borgnine January 24, 1917 – July 8, 2012

*        I have to admit, Debbi, that lot — including the video and quote — are actually a leftover Gazette set: I managed to get meself double booked, so to speak … !   Oh … And there’s a couple of Terry Pratchett related videos: the first one’s a bit rude, the second’s from the animated version of Wyrd Sisters that was on tv, a few years ago …

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Debbi said...

Those videos are so awesome, Paul! :) Thanks!

1. Marilyn Monroe
2. Death of a Salesman
3. The Girl in Pink Tights
4. Hadrian
5. Steve Jobs
6. Derek Jacobi