Sunday, 1 July 2012

28 Days Later: Blood, Infection, and Death …

Hmmm … 

You know, it occurred to — last night, after I’d finished watching a film — that I could happily not actually write about it, as I’d posted about it, before.

How wrong can a boy be … ?

Especially when you consider I’ve ALREADY written about the sequel … !

Saying that?

That’s something I think I correct, right now … 


But at any rate … ?

At any rate, I do know I managed to avoid the Andy Murray tennis match by the simple expedient of wanting an early night … so deciding to watch a film.

The film in question, of course, being the 2002, Danny Boyle directed, 28 Days Later.

Set at some point in the not too distant future, 28 Days Later opens by showing us a small group of animal rights activist breaking into a high security lab, that’s conducting a series of … unusual … experiments on a group of chimps.

As the one researcher who the activists find there puts it … ?

The chimps had been infected with … Rage … 

Which is where, immediately after the titles … ?

Which is where we move to find ourselves, some four weeks later, sharing a hospital room with Cillian Murphy’s character, Jim: a cycle courier who’s been knocked down in a car accident.

And who, much like Bill Masen, the lead character in Day of the Triffids, awakens to find himself isolated, on a hospital bed, with no-one — no-one— around.

Unlike Day of the Triffids, however, Jim finds himself in a London that’s seemingly abandoned.

Apart from one or two rational survivors … 

And a LOT of people who, like the hapless chimps in the pre-title teaser, have been equally … 



Now … 

Am I impressed by 28 Days Later?

Yes, I think I am.

I’ll be frank, I’m no Danny Boyle fan: the job situation means exploring his work isn’t something I’ve had a chance to do as completely as I’d like.

And the only other film of his I’ve gone anywhere near — Sunshine — isn’t one I’ve sat still long enough to be able top concentrate on: possibly doing it a disservice.

But 28 Days Later, itself … ?

28 Days Later is a fine little post apocalypse: and frankly one that has always left me hungry for more.

Go catch it, folks.

28 Days Later is a film that certainly repays the investment.
28 Days Later

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