Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Dark Crystal: An Acquired Taste …

Yes, yes, ok, I know … !

It’s not every day I use the words an acquired taste in a post’s title.

But I’ve just watched the 1982 Jim Henson film directed film, The Dark Crystal.

And, thus far … ?

Thus far, I’m thinking ‘acquired taste’ is the right phrase.


Set on a another world, The Dark Crystal sees a young gelfling, Jen, sent to find the shard of the Dark Crystal of the title.

A shard that has to be re-united with the Crystal, at the time of the Conjunction of the Three Suns, in order to heal the world … 

AND save it from the power of the evil Skeksis.

Of course, on the way … ?

There’s all SORTS of obstacles to overcome: as well as what sounds like Anglo-saxon music, along the way.


Now … ?

Did I actually like The Dark Crystal … ?

I’ve actually got to admit, I’m blowed if I could tell you … !

You see, I can’t help but think that thew time to have actually seen the blessed thing was back in 1982.

I’d’ve been in my (early) teens, and both at just the right age for this: AND much more easily impressed by it, I suspect.

As things stand, now, though … ?

The thirty year old fantasy, whilst possibly the most beautifully designed film I think I’ve seen in a while has come at the wrong time, I think: at least for me.

After all, I’ve managed to see both Peter Jackson’s take on The Lord Of The Rings trilogy: something I know has heavily influenced much fantasy, AND the recent version of Conan the Barbarian.

Right here, right now … ?

Right here, and now, I’m thinking The Dark Crystal is a take it or leave it sort of film.

And I THINK I’m on the latter half of the scales …
The Dark Crystal★☆☆☆

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