Friday, 27 July 2012

The Friday Question Set — 27-07-2012

Did you ever get a tune playing around your head … ?

No … ?

I do, frankly.

And sometimes, the musical choices my subconscious throws at me is … 

Well, bloody baffling, to be frank … !

Ever see Star Trek First Contact … ?   There’s a song in there called Ooby Dooby that’s been banging around my head for the past half hour: turns out it’s an old Roy Orbison tune that’s been covered by everybody.

And it’s banging around my, as I try and get a question set written.

Actually … ?

Let’s get those up, before I give my hind-brain a poke, shall we … ?


Yes, it’s Friday, isn’t it … ?

Let’s get moving on to the questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the covering Creative Commons License … 
Online 161   
Q1) In the initials CBE, what does the C stand for?   
A1) Commander.
Q2) Is France ahead of, or behind, Greenwich Mean Time?   
Q2) Ahead of.
Q3) In cockney rhyming slang, what are ‘ … plates of meat’?   
A3) Feet.
Q4) Susan Tully appeared in EastEnders: but in which children’s tv show did she make her first UK tv appearance?   
A4) Grange Hill.
Q5) L. S. Lowry painted matchstick men, & matchstick cats & dogs: but what did either the L, or the S stand for?  (Two points for both.)   
A5) Laurence Steven.
Q6) Which abbreviation means … and so on?   
A6) Etc.
Q7) Which type of five-line poem shares its name with a town in Ireland?   
A7) A limerick.
Q8) According to the proverb, there’s no smoke without … what?   
A8) Fire.
Q9) Who preceded Tony Blair as Leader of the Labour Party?   
A9) John Smith.
Q10) How is Shirley Crabtree better known?   
A10) Big Daddy.
Q11) Characters from which TV soap went to the ’98 World Cup Final?   
A11) EastEnders.
Q12) Which southern hemisphere country did Kathy go to, when she left Albert Square?   
A12) South Africa.
Q13) Gillian Taylforth’s sister, Kim, joined the cast of which northern soap?   
A13) Brookside.
Q14) In which US soap did Bobby come back from the dead?   
A14) Dallas.
Q15) Which soap character started life as Alma Sedgewick?   
A15) Alma Baldwin.
Q16) In EastEnders, did Sharon marry Grant or Phil Mitchell?   
A16) Grant.
Q17) Who played Beth Jordache?   
A17) Anna Friel.
Q18) Who presented You’ve Been Framed, before Harry Hill?   
A18) Jonathon Wilkes.
Q19) The Battersby family feature in which UK soap?   
A19) Coronation Street.
Q20) In which US soap did the Colby family feature?   
A20) Dynasty.
Q21) Which great movie dancer is on the cover of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?   
A21) Fred Astaire.
Q22) Jane and Peter are the children of which screen great?   
A22) Henry Fonda.
Q23) Which actress had a long relationship with Spencer Tracey?   
A23) Katherine Hepburn.
Q24) Which British movie star was born Maurice Micklewhite?   
A24) Michael Caine.
Q25) In which film does Tom Conti play Pauline Collins’ lover?   
A25) Shirley Valentine.
Q26) Diana Fluck was the real name of who?   
A26) Diana Dors.
Q27) You Sexy Thing, by Hot Chocolate, featured heavily in which 90s British movie?   
A27) The Full Monty.
Q28) In which country of the UK was Robert Carlyle born?   
A28) Scotland.
Q29) Stephen Fry wrote, directed and starred in a film about which playwright and author?   
A29) Oscar Wilde.
Q30) Which Vietnam veteran directed Platoon?   
A30) Oliver Stone.
Q31) In which game do you have to draw the meaning of a word?   
A31) Pictionary.
Q32) Which gourd is also the name of a sport?   
A32) Squash.
Q33) Aran wool is traditionally what colour?   
A33) Cream.
Q34) In billiards, how many balls are used?   
A34) Three.
Q35) In which sport would you wear either blades or quads?   
A35) Roller-skating.
Q36) Which London museum is named after a pair of royal cousins?   
A36) The Victoria and Albert Museum.
Q37) In which sport would you be using a sabre or foil?   
A37) Fencing.
Q38) Gary Gygax invented which game?   
A38) Dungeons & Dragons.
Q39) Which Lancashire resort has a Pleasure Beach?   
A39) Blackpool.
Q40) In Snooker, what colour is the cue ball?   
A40) White.
Q41) Name one of the two spies who defected to the USSR, in 1951?   
A41) Guy Burgess, & Donald McLean.
Q42) Carlos Menem is a former president of which South American country?   
A42) Argentina.
Q43) Who was the last British Governor General of India?   
A43) Lord Louis Mountbatten.
Q44) Hannibal crossed the Alps on which animal?   
A44) An elephant.
Q45) Who was the first Roman Catholic president of the USA?   
A45) John F. Kennedy.
Q46) In which part of the East End did Jack the Ripper kill his victims?   
A46) Whitechapel.
Q47) Golda Meir was the first female PM of which middle-eastern country?   
A47) Israel.
Q48) Tung Chee-Hwa became chief executive of which former colony, in 1997?   
A48) Hong Kong.
Q49) My Lai was the site of a famous massacre in which country?   
A49) Vietnam.
Q50) The Bomb Plot of 1944 failed to kill which dictator?   
A50) Adolf Hitler.
Q51) Ikebana is the Japanese art of what, flower arranging, paper folding or heraldry?   
A51) Flower arranging.
Q52) Cryptography is the study of what?   
A52) Codes and cyphers.
Q53) Eton Public School is in which English county?   
A53) Berkshire.
Q54) Which animated movie about a Russian princess, featured the voices of Meg Ryan and John Cusack?   
A54) Anastasia.
Q55) Who’s the patron saint of France, St. Denis, St. Jean D’Arc or St. Germaine?   
A55) Saint Denis.
Q56) In British India, what was a Punka Wallah: a fan operator, a tea boy or a head footman?   
A56) A Fan operator.
Q57) Lonsdale belts are awarded to champions in which sport?   
A57) Boxing.
Q58) Malpensa International airport is in which European country?   
A58) Italy
Q59) Singer, Mary O’Brien died in 1997: how was she better known?   
A59) Dusty Springfield.
Q60) In the word MODEM, ‘MO’ is short Modulator: what is the DEM short for?   
A60) Demodulator.
Enjoy those, everyone.

Now … 

I was saying about tunes … 

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