Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Casshern: Hmmm …

And before anyone says anything, I literally do mean Hmmm … !

That’s mostly where I’m really not sure if I’ve  just eaten the raw bit, and been told — but not been convinced — it’s supposed to be there.

You see, I’ve just seen the 2004 film, Casshern.

And HAVE to admit, I’m walking away from it, wondering what the hell happened.


Set in a near future world, and based on a 1970s era anime series, Casshern starts by showing us a lecture given by Dr Azuma: a scientist who is determined to help survivors of a 50 year war with his newly developed neo-cells.

Unfortunately … ?

Unfortunately, things go badly wrong, when he is told of his son, Tetsuya’s, death.

And a rogue lightening strike hits an experimental batch of neo-cells: causing them to turn into a a rogue creature calling itself Burai.

With nasty results … … 


Now, I’m going to sound snotty, here, and admit Japanese movies usually aren’t my thing.

Even though I came away impressed by both Spirited Away and Tikeshi Kitano’s Sonatine.

But I grew up having too many unimpressed memories of Battle Of The Planets, the highly camp US adaptation of an original Japanese series.

Which I think is what’s bothering me, here: Casshern’s origins as the live action version of an animated series for children make it just a touch … shallow for me, I think.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, Casshern is — with it’s mix of East European script and Japanese design sensibilities — is a fantastic looking film.

But for me … ?

For me, huge amounts of style — and an admittedly entertaining villain — can’t make up for the fact I found Casshern to be seriously heavy handed, hard work.

Personally … ?

I’m going to leave you with the trailer … 

And what — for me — is quite a low score* …

*        That one star is mostly because the film is so good looking.

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