Friday, 6 July 2012

The Olympic Friday Question Set — 6-7-2012

 Blimey, THAT’S a thing … !

Brentwood is NOW officially on the map … !

Well … 

It’s been on the map for quite some time.

You don’t live in a town on the main pilgrimage route to Canterbury, without being on the map … 

At ANY rate … ?

Brentwood’s now OFFICIALLY on the Olympic map.

As we’ve had the Olympic torch go through town, today.

See … ?

I JUST managed to catch a quick shot of the torch bearer — Mark Clifford, I think his name was — as he was jogging through town.

I’d’ve been running, myself … Especially with all those police men after me … 

But let’s get a shift on, shall we … ?

After all … 

It IS Friday … 


Which, of course, means the Friday Question Set: here’s those questions, covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License
Q1) Fratton Park is the home of which premiership side?   A1) Portsmouth F.C.
Q2) In The Wizard of Oz, what sort of pet did Dorothy own?   (Bonus point for the name of the pet.)
Q2) A dog.   (Toto.)
Q3) How many countries are there in Europe, 25, 50, or 100?
A3) 50
Q4) What was the first country in the world to have a TV service?
A4) Great Britain.
Q5) In which country was the first CD made?
A5) Japan.
Q6) How many days are there, in April and May, put together?
A6) 62.   (31 in each.)
Q7) What type of songs did John Mason Neale write: hymns, ballads or laments?
A7) Hymns.
Q8) What’s the only English anagram of FOUNDLING?
Q9) In 1935, C. C. McGee invented what kind of meter: the parking meter, the rectal thermometer or the tachyometer?
A9) The Parking meter.
Q10) Where’s the sweat gland of a cow, in its nose, its tongue or its bottom?
A10) In its nose.
Q11) Rum, Sodomy and the Lash was the second — and some would say definitive album — by which Irish band: The Pogues, U2 or Westlife?
A11) The Pogues.
Q12) Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider were the two founder members of which German band?
A12) Kraftwerk.
Q13) Chuck D, Hank Shocklee, Bill Stephney, and Flava Flav were better known as which controversial rap band?
A13) Public Enemy.
Q14) Douglas Colvin was the real name of which member of the Ramones?
A14) Dee Dee Ramone
Q15) Gerry and the Pacemakers were the first band to have have 3 number ones with their first 3 singles.   Which 80s band were the second?
A15) Frankie goes to Hollywood.
Q16) Mi Chico Latino was a hit for which solo Spice Girl?   (Bonus point for the nickname.)
A16) Geri Halliwell.   ( Ginger Spice)
Q17) What was the first UK number one for glam rockers, Mud?
A17) Tiger Feet.
Q18) Which Frank Sinatra hit has charted more than ten times?
A18) My Way.
Q19) Which Olivia charted with both John Travolta and ELO?
A19) Olivia Newton-John.
Q20) The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts were whose backing singers?
A20) Paul Young.
Q21) Which Thomas Kennelly novel is the world’s best selling Booker Prize winner?   (Clue: it was filmed under a slightly different name, by Steven Spielberg; - bonus point for that!)
A21) Schindler’s Ark.   (Filmed of course, as Schindler’s List.)
Q22) Which romantic novelist published 723 novels within her lifetime?
A22) Barbara Cartland.
Q23) Horror star Vincent Price, and the UK’s Liberal Democrat’s, have both released what: cook books, history books or books about politics?
A23) Cook Books
Q24) What, after the Bible, and the Guinness Book of Records was the 20th Century’s most read book?
A24) The Lord of the Rings.
Q25) Which romantic publisher saw it’s 100th birthday in 2008?
A25) Mills and Boon.
Q26) Terry Pratchett novel, Wyrd Sisters, is a pastiche of which of Shakespeare’s play:  MacBeth, <>Hamlet, or Romeo & Juliet?
A26) MacBeth.
Q27) George MacDonald Fraser died in January of 2008.   Which literary character did he create: Harry Flashman, Tom Sawyer or Bilbo Baggins?
A27) Sir Harry Flashman.
Q28) Which comedian wrote Gridlock and Popcorn?
A28) Ben Elton.
Q29) Name Frederick Forsyth’s 1st successful novel.
A29) The Day of the Jackal.
Q30) In which century did Charles Dickens live: the 18th, 19th or 20th?
A30) The 19th.
Q31) Eddie Merckx was a record breaker in which sport; cycling, swimming, or Marathon running??
A31) Cycling
Q32) In 1977, which British golfer became the youngest ever player to win the Ryder Cup?
A32) Nick Faldo.
Q33) Which Newcastle born footballer set a new transfer record, when bought and sold by Blackburn?
A33) Alan Shearer.
Q34) During the 90’s, who became Wimbledon’s youngest ever Woman’s Senior Champ?
A34) Martina Hingis.
Q35) In which sport is Mark Spitz a record breaker?
A35) Swimming.
Q36) In which athletic event did Fatima Whitbread set a 1986 record?
A36) Javelin.
Q37) In 1996, who became England’s youngest ever football boss?
A37) Glenn Hoddle.
Q38) In 1995, who had the highest earnings for men’s tennis?   (Bonus point for telling us his nickname.)
A38) ‘Pistol’ Pete Sampras.
Q39) Who won the 1st World Professional Snooker Championship: Joe Davies, Steve Davies, Fred Davies or Ray Davies?
A39) Joe Davies.
Q40) If you were watching a PGA Tour, what sport would you be watching?
A40) Golf.
Q41) Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf appeared in which musical?
A41) The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Q42) What was Kate Winslet’s 1st film?
A42) Heavenly Creatures.
Q43) What Steven Spielberg movie was the highest grossing film of 1982?
A43) E.T: The Extra Terrestrial.
Q44) Which 1998 film was the first successful movie spin off, from a TV show?
A44) The X-Files Movie.
Q45) Where was Rick’s Café?
A45) Casablanca.
Q46) Which Disney character was the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?
A46) Mickey Mouse.
Q47) In the classic 60’s western, if Eli Wallach was the Ugly, and Lee Van Cleef was the bad, who was the Good?
A47) Clint Eastwood.
Q48) In  the Star Wars movies, what’s the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia?
A48) Brother and sister.
Q49) The Palme D’Or is award at which film festival: Cannes, London or Venice?
A49) Cannes.
Q50) Christian Bale appeared in a recent film as which comic book character, Batman, Superman, or Spiderman?   (Bonus for the name of the film.)
A50) Batman.   In The Dark Knight Rises.
Q51) What word can go before ‘board’ and after ‘paper?’
A51) ‘Dart.’
Q52) How many pocket does a snooker table have?
A52) Six.
Q53) How many milligrams in a gram?
A53) 1000.
Q54) Which Michael won an Oscar for Wall Street?
A54) Michael Douglas.
Q55) Which team did Michael Owen leave, when he went to play in Spain?
A55) Liverpool.
Q56) In which decade of the 20th Century was Jõse Carreras born?
A56) 1940’s.
Q57) What is a John Dory?
A57) Fish.
Q58) During the 90’s, which Canadian singer had a hit with Think Twice?   (Bonus point for telling us the name of the Song Contest she once entered.)
A58) Celine Dion.   (The Eurovision Song Contest.)
Q59) What’s the world’s most farmed fish?
A59) Carp.
Q60) Which type of medical practitioner is Saint Apollonia the patron saint of?
A60) Dentists.
There we go … 

I hope those help … 

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