Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Continuing Parking Saga … 

You know, you wouldn’t actually believe that’s the same car … !   At least, going by these photos, now would you … ?

Going by the slight differences in colour … 

But, at ANY rate, all four photos show the Salmon pink Ford Ka — license plate EO12 GTY — that was illegally parked around the corner on Saint James Road.

The reason I happened to have my attention drawn too it … ?
 Is the simple fact that the driver of the flatbed lorry awkwardly blocked, just behind it … ?
Wanted directions out of the area.

The driver of the bog van blocked on the OTHER side of this car … ?   Was on the phone:   I’m assuming to his boss, to tell him he couldn’t get the van, through, because some idiot had parked a car there.

Now, I’m just hoping the members of Brentwood Council’s Planning committee are reading this: or that the Brentwood West members of it are, and are willing to forward it on*.

And I’m ALSO aware that a car’s detail’s can be traced from the license plate.

Here’s what the DVLA site says about it.

Now I’m aware that even THAT much may be some form of privacy violations.

But on the other hand … ?

Whoever owns that car’s parked on at least a single yellow line.

And will have problems, if they’re STILL there.

*        Yes, I know things are busy at the moment, Karen, but I think I’d seriously appreciate it … !

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