Saturday, 26 September 2015

Doctor Who Series 9: Episode 2 — The Witch’s Familiar

Right at the moment … ?   Right at the moment … ?

Right the moment … ?

I’m sorely tempted … by thoughts of cocoa … 

No, really.

I’ve literally finished work, tonight: at just after nine o’clock, this evening.

And … ?   Well, while I’m not exactly tired … ?   I’m not exactly tired, cocoa is starting to look appealing.

 Hang on … 

Let me go make one … 


That’s … helpful … 

After all, you can’t go hitting the Coca Cola at this time of night.

Not after a shift that’s just on the wrong side of awkwardly timed.

And on the wrong side of underfed, either.

Safe to say I’ve had a long day with not enough food.

But with tonight’s episode of Dr Who waiting for me when I got home.

And … ?

I hate to use the word ‘impressed’ too many times.

It’s almost as tired as I am.

Instead … ?

I’ll tell you as much as I coherently can, and we’ll see what bubbles up to the surface, shall we?


Tonight’s episode — The Witch’s Familiar — follows on from last weeks: in the pre-title teaser, it shows us that both Missy and Clara have survived being shot by the Daleks in The Magician’s Apprentice.

Missy has ways of using the energy from Dalek blaster to power the teleportation devices she and Clara were wearing.

Meanwhile … ?   The Doctor manages to steal Davros chair: and use it to get to the Supreme Dalek’s control room.

He’s wanting the Daleks to return Clara to him: he’s foiled, as the Daleks believe they have killed her.

There’s more … 

Missy and Clara have managed to sneak into the Dalek city’s sewers.   Where Missy … ?   Has a plan to get further in.   If she can find an empty Dalek casing … 

All this … ?

All this … and the Doctor has ended up talking to the one person he really didn’t want to talk to … 

Davros … 


Now … ?

Impressed … ?

Yes … Although, I should frankly be saying this is ‘excellent,’ maybe.

What ever word I use, both pleased to have seen it: and pleased to see both Bleach’s performance as Davros, AND with the way he and Capaldi’s 12th Dr have interacted.

Both script and acting have been spot on.

As has Michelle Gomez’s: again, Stephen Moffat’s handed her some seriously juicy one liners, and the actress, herself, is no slouch.

About my only complaint … ?

Really is in the fact that Jenna Coleman seems to have been somewhat underused in this episode.   Although, to be fair …?   She DID get a lot of attention in both Capaldi’s first season, and during Matt Smith’s years.

Either way … ?   The Witch’s Familiar is a good closer for this two parter.   AND a good second episode.

Let’s hope this sort of pace can be kept up.

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