Monday, 7 September 2015

House of Cards — Series 1: Episodes 10 and 11

You know, I have to confess, I do like a good TV show.

You’ve noticed that, haven’t you … ?

After all, I’ve been writing about various TV shows for some time, now.

Just recently … ?

You’d possibly have realised I’ve caught Penny Dreadful … 

And, over the past few nights, the US version of House of Cards.

At least, the first series.

Tonight, I caught episodes 10 and 11.

And … ?

I’m impressed.


Episode 10 sees Frank (Kevin Spacey) arguing with wife, Claire (Robin Wright): after a landmark environmental fails to go through.   The argument is enough to force Claire to flee town for a few days. AND to force Congressman Russo (Corey Stoll) into giving up his run for Governor: after a radio interview about the bill collapses in the midst of a Underwood engineered drinking binge.

Episode 11 sees the aftermath of the collapse: as Frank manages to persuade the Vice President into running for Pennsylvania Governor, in Russo’s stead.   It ALSO sees Frank getting Linda Vazquez (Saskina Jaffrey) the White House Chief of Staff on side: by helping her son get to Stanford University.   And finding a missing Peter Russo: making sure Russo STAYS missing … 


Now … 

Impressed … ?


Thus far, the series has told us it’s story with an emotional depth I’ve not often seen in other series.

In my last post … ?   I mentioned how I Robin Wright had stolen the show, with this scene … 

Now, I personally think you have to have a Robin Wright around: showing how much of a heavyweight she is … 

By casting her.

And by casting someone of that stature against an equal heavyweight.

Kevin Spacey shows us he’s that in Episode 11 … By seducing Corey Stoll’s character, Peter Russo, into his own death … 

Frankly … ?

I have another evening, free: tomorrow night.

I’m intent on watching the last two episodes of this story … 

Despite knowing how the 1990s original finishes … … ?

I what to see this interpretation’s climax …

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