Monday, 7 September 2015

House of Cards — Series 1: Episodes 7, 8 and 9.

You know, you must be getting used to this, by now.

At least, I’m assuming you are.

Getting used to me posting up something: at (comparatively) odd hours.

If it’s not a Teaser at comparatively silly o’clock in the morning, then it’s a TV or movie write-up at silly o’clock in the evening.

Like this one.

You see, although I don’t actually have a Netflix subscription, I have been following series 1 of their version of House of Cards.


Come away impressed, so far … 


And, yes, since you’ve asked: I’ve sat down with another three episodes, tonight.

Episode 7 shows us the Education Bill the Frank has sponsored being signed into law by President Walker.   This earns Frank some much needed kudos: and allows him to strong-arm the Vice President into supporting Congressman Peter Russo’s (Corey Stoll) run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Episode 8  sees Frank opening a library that’s been named for him, at his old college: and spending the night on the proverbial town with some old college friends.

Episode 9 Showing us Frank and Peter’s attempts to pass an environmental bill that will be key to Peter’s campaign.   Only to see it defeated in the House.


Now … ?

Good … ?

Yes: this first series is STILL maintaining its quality.

AND using it’s cast, EXTREMELY well.

I must say, the supporting cast — Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, and others — are all very good.   But the headlines must go to both Kevin Spacey And Robin Wright as Frank andy Claire Underwood, with episode 9 being the highlight so far: Wright shows us Claire’s anger not in words, but purely facially*.

Lord and Lady MacBeth … ?

Couldn’t be anywhere near these two … 

*        No, seriously: watch this clip … 

See what I mean … ?   Don’t believe Claire’s words: watch her face.   Frank Underwood’s a dead man walking … 

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