Friday, 4 September 2015

House of Cards — Series 1: Episodes 4, 5 and 6.

You know, I have to make a confession, here.

I am on something of a budget.

You’d worked that out, hadn’t you?

You’d ALSO worked out that — if I get the chance — I’ll spend money on entertainment.   Much like the rest of us.

I tend to spend a certain amount on iTunes gift cards.

That lets me buy albums, and rent movies, relatively controllably.

I can only spent what’s in my account: and top that account up, as and when I have the funds to do so.

I’m ALSO of the school of thought that believes that, if I’ve spent my cash on a TV series box set, it’s mine.

I can back it up to my computer, and sell the physical set on.

That doesn’t give me the right to sell illegal copies on.

It does mean that, should I have not had the chance to watch a given series, I can watch it: even if I’ve had to sell on the physical copies to somewhere like CeX, if I need funds.

What it does mean … ?   Is that, too an extent, I can ‘bank’ a TV series for later viewing: when I’ve got the time to do so.


Which, to be fair … ?

I’ve been doing recently.

As I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve had copies of the Netflix version of House of Cards — at least, series 1 of the drama — for a while.

And, last night, managed finally sat down to watch the first three episodes.

Tonight … ?   Saw mew sitting down with the next three episodes … 

Episode 4 sees Frank (Kevin Spacey) arranging for his party’s Congressional leader to step down: in order put put his own place-man in.   He ALSO closes a major shipbuilders in one district to close, in order to keep another open: provoking a major drinking binge in Congressman Russo, who he’s been manipulating over the course of these early episodes.

Episode 5 sees Claire (Robin Wright) letting husband Frank know she’s VERY aware he’s having an affair with reporter, Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara): but granting him permission, as it suits their ends.   The episode climax with Zoe leaving her post at the Washington Herald: and a national Teacher’s strike being called.

Episode 6 opens in the midst of the teacher’s strike: with the President’s poll ratings going downhill, President Walker is giving Frank a hard time: and demanding Frank put an end to the strike.   Frank … ?   Wiley operator that he is, Frank forces Peter Russo into going sober: by giving him the party nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania.   AND ends the strike, by putting the blame for a schoolchild’s death on the union organising the strike.


Now … 

Good … ?

Very much so, actually.   Although I think these things aren’t designed for binge watching, the first six episode of House of Cards — series 1! — are proving VERY watchable.

Roll on the next batch … !

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