Friday, 4 September 2015

House of Cards — Series 1: Episode 1, 2 and 3.

You know, I’m something of a film fan.

You’d guessed that: the fact I’ve written a movie post for (almost) every night of the the years should be a clue.

At least, enough posts to fill a year’s worth of reading.

Or …

Yeah, you get my point.

You’ve possibly ALSO guessed I’ve written about TV, too.

Dr Who, mostly, but other stuff had caught my attention.

Humans on Channel Four has been one such.

With Penny Dreadful coming in behind: as a box-set, as I’m not a Sky subscriber.

Can I make a (very minor) confession, here?   At the time I bought the box-set of Penny Dreadful, I ALSO got hold of the first season of something else: that I’d not — until now — got the chance to watch.

Netflix’s reboot of House of Cards.

And … ?

Well … 

In case you think the title’s familiar, you’d be right.   The series is the Netflix remake of the 1990s original: but brought up to date, and set not in Westminster, but in Washington.

The opening three episodes introduce us to the show’s main character: Francis ‘Frank’ Underwood — Kevin Spacey — the House Majority Whip, and a congressman for South Carolina.

The first three episode introduce us to him, his wife, Claire (Robin Wright) and various other characters along the way.

Episode 1 introducing us to Frank: and his wife.   And shows us how he agrees to supply information on government affairs to Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), a young and ambitious reporter for the (fictional) Washington Herald.

Episode 2 shows us the aftermath of the first such leak: an education bill from a senior congressman.   It ALSO sees Claire firing half of the staff of the charity she runs: AND shows us the political manoeuvrings Frank makes to get the senator who’d beaten Frank to an important political post.

Episode 3 shows us Frank’s negotiations with various teachers Unions.   Whilst they’re in Washington, And he is in his South Carolina hometown, Dealing with a political emergency.


Now … have I liked what I’ve seen?

So far, yes!

This rebooted version seems — on the basis of these opening episodes — to be doing justice to both cast, writers AND the original series it’s based on.

Will the first — and subsequent — series hold up?

I couldn’t possibly comment.

Until I’ve watched them, obviously … 


Peter J Reaper said...

What really struck me early on in this series was right in the first episode, right at the beginning of the show with his neighbours dog. That told us so much about the character.
I'm only about six or seven episodes in but I'm liking what I'm seeing.

Nik Nak said...

It’s oh so gently — but ruthlessly — done, isn’t it?