Monday, 14 September 2015

The Daily Teaser — 14-9-2015

Right, that’s that OFFICIALLY done … !

You’ve possibly realised — if you’ve been reading Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar for a while — that I’ve a new TV: one with only one HDMI socket.

BIT of a problem, when you realise quite how many HDMI devices there are, out there.

Including a new set-top box I own: but haven’t yet connected, as the one port I have on my TV is occupied by my Apple TV.

I ordered what’s called a switch — a device that let’s me connect more than one HDMI device to the same port — at the same time as the box.   The box, and a spare cable, have been here for about two weeks.

I’ve ordered another.   In the hope ONE of them will get to me, before Saturday’s airing of Dr Who.

Here’s hoping THAT happens: preferably, before Marc Almond starts singing … … … 


But let’s get moving on, shall we?

Yes, let’s … !

Yesterday’s Teaser saw both Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video … 

Q1) Microsoft released which version of its Windows operating system on 14th September, 2000: ME, XP or NT?
Q2) After a referendum on 14th September, 2003, which Baltic state voted to join the European Union?
Q3) During the Recession of the 21st Century, which UK bank suffered a serious run, on 14th September, 2008: HSBC, Northern Rock or Barclays?
Q4) Tonga joined the United Nations: on the 14th September, 1999.   Tonga is in which ocean: the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian?
Q5) Finally … Princess Grace — Grace Kelly, as was — died in a car crash on 14th September, 1982.   Who played her in the 2014 film, Grace of Monaco?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) Miguel Primo de Rivera founded a dictatorship, following a military coup: 13th September, 1923.   In which Spanish-speaking nation?
A1) Spain.
Q2) Lindy Chamberlain was put on trial on 13th September, 1982: accused of the murder of her baby daughter, Azaria.   Lindy blamed the death on a wild … what?
A2) Dingo: a Australian wild dog.
Q3) 13th September, 1994, saw the Ulysses probe pass the south pole.   Of which of our solar system’s objects?
A3) The Sun.
Q4) During the US Civil War, Union troops found Confederate battle plans issued by which Confederate general?
A4) Robert E. Lee.   (They were wrapped around cigars.)
Q5) Finally … 13th September, 1985, saw the original release of Super Mario Bros: for the NES console.   Player 1 controls Mario, whilst Player 2 control’s Mario’s brother.   What’s Mario’s brother’s name?
A5) Luigi.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“Somebody should be extremely punctual, while somebody else is exhausting all the limits for being late.”

Dmitry Medvedev, born 14th September, 1965.
And this tune … 

Enjoy your day … 

*        I have to admit, Olga, I know the movie you mean: although I’ve never actually seen it.   I do remember the original news of Azaria Chamberlain’s death, though: I seem to recall it being huge, at the time.   (And yes, you’re right: it was 1862 those plans were found.   Usually, I managed to include the relevant year: I managed to write that set on autopilot … !)

†        You’re not wrong, there, Debbi!   She’s definitely an acquired taste … !   Oh, did you ever see Hellraiser?   Clare Higgins, the high priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn, will look very familiar, if you have.   (That would make for a very strange court case: I mean, murdering at least four people to make sure your undead lover, who’s hiding in the attic, has a fully functioning body.   It’s not necessarily going to have legally applicable mitigating circumstances … is it … ?)


Debbi said...

Sounds fun! :)

1. ME
2. Estonia
3. Northern Rock (and I think you meant 2007:
4. Pacific
5. Nicole Kidman

Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) ME
Q2) Estonia
Q3) Northern Rock. I remember this one quite well
Q4) Pacific
Q5) Nicole Kidman
I hope everything reaches you in time. Fingers crossed! Now I must watch the movie you and Debbie were talking about!

Nik Nak said...

I should be able to double check that one, Debbi: in the morning! I’ve been making the #Teaser videos! And that it is, Debbi. (Should be on the US branch of iTunes.)

And Hellraiser’s worth a watch, Olga.

It’s possibly the only time — certainly the only time I know of — that the chap who wrote the book — Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart — happens to have been the chap that directed the film … … …