Saturday, 5 December 2015

Dr Who Series 9: Episode 12 — Hell Bent

You know, I HAVE to admit … 

I’ve given up one up one or two bad habits.

Smoking and drinking the two SERIOUSLY big one.

But haven’t given up others.

Seriously unhealthy eating?

That’s one I’ve not managed to completely given up.

Which reminds me: I really do need to get some vegetables in.

Man — at least this man — cannot live on beans, alone.

At ANY rate … ?

One other bad habit is to blog, last thing at night: after a hards shift at work.

But at least … ?   At least I can tell you I’ve seen tonight’s episode of Dr Who … 


Following on from last week’s episode, Hell Bent sees Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor telling his story to a friendly — and very familiar looking — waitress in a Nevadan diner: of how he arrived back on Gallifrey, staying at the old family home in the Gallifreyan Dry Lands.

The Time Lord’s High Council tries summoning him to the Capital: first by sending military aircraft, THEN a committee of unnamed cardinals from the High Council.

Then … ?

Then President Rassilon, himself appears.

Complete with a firing squad, who almost immediately mutiny: and help the Doctor banish the President from ‘his’ planet.

After that … ?

After that, is when the General tells the Doctor they need information about the Hybrid.

And that there’s only one person they think can provide any help.


A clara who, from where Gallifrey now is, in the Universe’s history?

A Clara who’s been dead for billions of years … 


Now … 

Phew … !

What, I hear you ask, are you thinking, Paul?

Well … ?

For ONE thing, I’m thinking I’m really going to need to re-watch this episode a few times.   To see if I’ve followed it correctly: AND understood everything that’s gone on in tonight’s episode.

I’m very aware I’ve had  a long shift, and not exactly what you’d call a lot to eat.

But … ?

Well, I’ve got To confess, I’m thinking this wasn’t necessarily the most coherent episode of Series Nine, it IS a very good climax: it tied off Clara’s story, well enough: AND gave guest star, Maisie Williams, a chance to shine.

AND gave Jenna Coleman a chance to do very well, indeed.

I won’t post it — I’ve still got some videos being disputed on YouTube —but there’s a scene where Clara is talking To the Doctor in the Diner they’re in: about how he may or may not remember her.

And seeing him talk about not being able to remember?

Well, I can only hail both Capaldi — who’s hit the emotional tone for an alien time traveller, bang on the nail head, as far as I’m concerned.

And Coleman, herself: who’s facial expressions in that one scene were worth at least one gong.   I hope she, Capaldi, and Williams get one.

About my only hope, in this week’s episode?   Was a recurrence of the difficulties I had with The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar: that, at times, the dialogue was hard to follow.

I WAS hoping that it had calmed down, going forward from Under The Lake: but tonight DEFINITELY saw me learning towards my TV.


There’s more … 

I don’t know if it means Jenna Coleman will be returning to the series: I’d hope so, as I’d like To see her.

But we saw, tonight, Clara Oswald heading off into the wild black yonder of the universe: in a stolen TARDIS, and with an immortal in the shape of Ashildr.


I’d normally wonder if that implies a spin-off.

I don’t know.

I DO know that Stephen Moffat has announced there will be one: called Class.

I can only hope Clara Oswald crops up in that.

And that, while the bulk of the production show runner duties will be done by Patrick Ness, that Stephen Moffat’s experiences on Press Gang will be of use.

And that the BBC3 Switch off WON’T mean Class get’s cancelled.

Here’s hoping.


Debbi said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one ever so slightly confused by this episode! :)

And I agree. Hope Clara appears in a sequel.

Does this mean The Doctor is ... dead???

Nik Nak said...

I doubt it, Debbi!

Aunty Beeb’s making too much cash from Dr Who … !