Thursday, 10 December 2015

House of Cards — Series 2: Episodes 6 and 7

You know, late nights can be interesting.

Especially when one realises that a ‘late night’ has a habit of getting earlier … 

The older we get … 

The earlier the late nights get.

Hmmm … 

He says, eyeballing what he’s just written.


My point, here … ?   Is simply that I’m blogging late at night: for me, at least.

With a good reason, I hope.

You see, I’ve gotten into a habit of writing about TV shows I like.

Frankly, I’ve fallen in love with a few shows, just recently.   Penny Dreadful is one.   Dr Who, another.

A third … ?

Is House of Cards.   You can possibly appreciate, can’t you … ?

Especially if you’ve realised I’ve episodes 6 and 7, of Series 2, tonight … 


Episode 6 sees Frank helping President Walker deal with an energy crisis, generated, in part, by stalled Chinese trade talks.   Meanwhile … ?   Claire has managed to convince Tricia, the President’s wife, that the President is having an affair with an aide.   The episode also see Lucas finally imprisoned on charges of cyber-terrorism: trying, all the while, to get the story of Zoe Barnes’ death to a wider public.

Episode 7 sees Frank and his team finding that Raymond Tusk are funding Republican propaganda: released in the upcoming mid-term elections.   Frank ALSO finds that the Underwood media relations man, Seth Grayson (Derek Cecil), is ALSO providing information to publicist, Remy Denton (Meharshala Ali).   Things are getting murkier … 


Now … I’ll apologise if this is something of a short post: it IS getting late, after all.

But I thought, before I hit the sack, I should let you know this one thing.

House of Cards series two … ?

Is VERY watchable … !

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