Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Disgruntled From Brentwood … !

No, No … 

No Photos … !

Actually, yeah, there’s a reason for that: I can’t actually think of one to put in.

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I’ve mentioned — in this week’s Brentwood Gazette Teaser — I’ve had two letters published in this week’s Brentwood Gazette.

And frankly thought I’d share the text of them with you.

Here’s the first one, aimed at Eric Pickles …
Dear Sir, 
I read Eric Pickles’ article in this week’s Gazette, and want to ask him the same question I — and others — have been asking his cabinet colleague, Iain Duncan Smith: could he manage on the money his government are handing to me?
I doubt it.
He tells us about the £10, 000 tax allowance he and his government have introduced: which doesn’t make that much to someone who’s been out of work for two years.
It makes no difference to someone, like me, who’s on the Work programme his government introduced: however well intentioned it is, it’s not helping as there’s little in the way of jobs to be had.What’s more, any spare cash this allowance gives me — little or none, given bills, bills and more bills — gets chewed up by amount of cash I now have to pay Brentwood Council: something I didn’t have to do, barely a fortnight ago.Can I be blunt … ?
I would normally ask a politician in his position to step down, as — despite his article’s title — he’s not helping or anyone I know.I won’t, in the case of Mr Pickles: or in the case of Council leader, Mrs McKinley.
No.I’ll be voting against them, as and when the date comes.And praying those who agree with me put him out of office.Yours
And here’s the second.
Dear Sir, 
I have to admit, I’ve just heard the news about the death of Margaret Thatcher.
And wish to offer my condolences to her children, Carol and Mark.
They’ve lost a mother.
However … ?
I have to admit to being no fan of the woman.
I think part of the problem of the shortage of social housing we face in Brentwood is down to her and her government’s choices.
I can’t cannot fault the aspirational intent behind the scheme that allowed social housing tenants like myself buy their homes: to genuinely make those properties their own.
But she also neglected to make councils — Tory led Brentwood council, included — ring-fence any monies raised to build replacements: leaving many, today, to rent privately, and others not be able to afford homes.
On top of that … ?
I personally believe that her part in transforming Britain into the service led economy it is today, left many of my generation unable to find work or training suitable to their abilities: and the country the poorer for it.
What’s more … ?
I’m VERY aware she was — according to one or two interviews I’d seen with her — quite friendly with the late Enoch Powell.
Lord knows what the implications of that are.I realise many will disagree with me.But I have to say that Britain will not see her like again.Thank heavens for that.
Feel free to quote me … !

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