Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dr Who Series Seven Part Two — Episode 10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS

Hmmm … 

You know, I think you can possibly tell something about a given episode of the new series of Dr Who.

Or, I can, at least.

The paste couple of episodes — Cold War and Hide — are episodes I’ve found compelling enough to almost immediately re-watch, once I’d recorded them.

I don’t know if it says anything about album I’m listening to — the soundtrack album to the rather good Small Town Murder Songs, which is well worth a listen — or the episode itself, but the album’s rather good.

And making for a rather good background music selection, whilst I’m writing.


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I started this with the intention of telling you about tonight’s episode of Dr WhoJourney To The Centre Of The TARDIS.

Hmmm … Let me try and summarize, shall I … ?

Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS opens with the Doctor offering to show Clara how to fly the TARDIS, having gotten a touch crabby about her “She Doesn’t Like Me” comments.

Of course things go slightly askew when the ship is grabbed by the tractor beam from a passing salvage ship: crewed by Gregor, Bram and Tricky Van Baalen — Ashley Walters, Mark Oliver and Jahvel Hall, respectively — a trio of very likely lads, after the huge pile of cash they believe the TARDIS represents.

There’s problems, of course.

Not least of which is what happens when the Doctor realises Clara’s trapped … !

And that’s only at the START: there’s more.   But I think I’ll those of you haven’t seen it find that out for yourselves … 


Now … ?

Was I impressed … ?

Hmmm … 

Since the rebooted Dr Who started backed in 2005, the production values has generally gone up enormously, compared to the original series.

In that sense, Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS is very much on par with the rest of the series.

On a personal note, I couldn’t help but think that the episode is something of a retread of Classic Who’s slightly less imaginative moments: finding that, if all else fails, running down HORDES of endless corridors will do.

Saying that … ?

Saying that, I’m can’t be to critical: it did confirm a long held fan idea that said the Eye Of Harmony is an integral part of a TARDIS, and goes a long way to powering it.

Whilst simultaneously making a mild mockery of the fact that that ship had to stop — in Boom Town and Utopia — to refuel.

You’ve gotta love a continuity hole, haven’t you … ?


At any rate … ?   Hmmm … 

I have to admit, I wasn’t greatly stunned by Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS.

But I greatly suspect it may grow on me, over time.

If for no other reason than the teaser it’s given us for next week … !


sue ford said...

Watched the episode, as it progressed I felt more and more dislike for it.
What is it with getting on with the tardis, I don't remember any of the other companions having to be pals with her.
Also whats it with the cloister bells they seem to be ringing every episode now , I thought they only rang in times of dire peril.
I thought this was a very empty, disappointing episode, and like the one starring Peter Kay, if I never see this episode again it will be too soon.

Debbi said...

Hi Paul,

I second Sue on her thoughts about the TARDIS and the companions. I don't recall the blue box ever being so weirdly jealous of them.

Nonetheless, it was an entertaining episode, even if it went overboard on the corridor running. :)

Not one of the best, but certainly not one of the worst, either. I liked the "Big Friendly Button" at the end. An obvious Hitchhiker's Guide reference, I thought.

I also couldn't help, but notice that one character used the word "awesome." I hope Trevor approves the usage. :)

You're welcome!