Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hard Candy — Blood, Guts, and a Serious Amount of crossed Legs … !

You know, I have to say that it’s not often I cross my legs.

At least, it’s not often I cross my legs … 

During a film.

To be perfectly frank, though, I actually rented one last night — the 2005, David Slade directed, Brian Nelson penned Hard Candy* — that had me definitely crossing my legs.

Oh, not so much the subject matter: a teen vigilante, going after a suspected pædophile.

More her otherwise appreciable reaction.

It’s … 

Yeah … 

Crossed Legs is the definite thing … !


Hard Candy opens by showing us an internet chat between Hayley — Ellen Page — and Jeff — Patrick Wilson: Hayley, as it turns out, is 14: and very flirty around Jeff, having seemingly been groomed by him for some three weeks.

The pair eventually head back to his house: where Hayley manages to slip an medical-grade mickey into Jeff’s drink.

It’s only when he comes around that she tells him why she drugged him.

Hayley feels he’s a practising pædophile: something she feels is leant credence by the fact Jeff has  asked he back to his place, knowing her age.

Hayley wants to make sure that he stops … 


Now … ?

Is Hard Candy a good film … ?

Lord, yes … !

I think I definitely have to praise the cast, here, for giving satisfyingly visceral performances: and have to add that Ellen Page as Hayley was very impressive.

I’m ALSO going to hand some serious kudos to David Slade, as well: he’s managed to produce a very ungory little thriller.

The one thing that had me squirming in my seat … ?   Was the castration scene: and yes, I’m very aware that ‘ungory’ and ‘castration’ aren’t USUALLY words that get put together.

It’s just amazing what Slade and company have managed to do with suggestion and voices off … !
Hard Candy

*        The pair were responsible for 30 Days Of Night, something that’s been in my collection for a while.

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