Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dr Who — Series 7 Part 2: Episode 8 Cold War


Oh, wait, hang on … 
NOW I’m impressed … !

I’ve got to admit, I’ve just watched tonight’s episode of Doctor Who.

And … ?

Well, as I think I’ve already said, I’m impressed.


Series 7’s eighth episode — Cold War — sees the Doctor and Clara arriving in a sinking Soviet era submarine — commanded by Liam Cunningham as Captain Zhukov — as it patrols in the Arctic Ocean, in 1983.

Patrols … 

Drills itself in the use of the nuclear torpedoes that it carries.

And prepares to take home the suspected mammoth encased in ice that the sub’s found on its exploration of the Northern wastes of Earth.

Please notice I say suspected mammoth.   Professor Grishenko, played by David Warner, is right to have doubts about his find:  it’s  a five thousand year old Ice Warrior — Grand Martial Skaldak, played by Spencer Wilding and voiced by Nicholas Briggs — that’s encased in polar ice.

Hmm … 

Is it me … ?

Or were all of us expecting the silly bugger with the blow-touch to get going … ?


At any rate, I have to admit, Cold War was a fantastic little episode.

It reintroduces us to the Ice Warriors, Dr Who’s take on Martians, both updating the look of the much loved reptiles, and giving us some reasoning behind their look.

And — in a first for Dr Who — shows us what’s under the helmet.

Nasty, huh … ?

But — for a rampant fanboi, like myself — something of a pleasure to see.

And something that’s adds to the pleasure of watching this complete joyride of an episode.

Cold Warº … ?

Waa … HEY!

º        All three clips are © 2013 of BBC Worldwide: I believe their use to be Fair Dealing, under Sections 29 and 30 — criticism and review — of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.   However, clips can and will be taken down, upon request.

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