Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Daily Teaser — 27-4-2013: Freedom Day

Did I tell you I’m off delivering leaflets, again … ?

Well, I’m off delivering leaflets again,

Being frank … ?   I’m glad I’ve delivered to Brooking House relatively early.

No, really … !

They’re both rather tall buildings, and Brooking in particular, is a bit dizzying.

Oy Veh … !

Let’s move on, shall we … ?

I’ve another bundle to do, today … !


Yesterday’s Chernobyl Teaser saw Debbi putting in her answers: along with letting us know she’s survived the Great Nik Nak Email Disaster†, AND is thinking of getting a Mac‡, she also managed to bag eight out of eight*.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video … 

Q1) 27th April is Freedom Day: a public holiday in which African nation … ?
Q2) More to the point, it commemorates elections held in which year of the 1990s … ?
Q3) Those elections were the first in the country to not depend on what: sex, ethnicity or height … ?
Q4) Is the country concerned a monarchy, republic or theocracy … ?
Q5) And finally … which Star Trek character has a name derived from the Swahili word for ‘Freedom’ … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 26th April saw what was then the world’s worst nuclear accident: at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, in the (then) USSR.   The plant is in what’s now which country … ?
A1) Ukraine.
Q2) In which year of the 1980s … ?
A2) 1986.
Q3) More to the point, what’s the name of the nearby town that housed most of the plant’s workers … ?
A3) Pripyat.
Q4) The plant, itself was — in the Soviet era — named for which Russian revolutionary … ?
A4) . V. I. Lenin.
Q5) Part of what went wrong at the plant, were some of the moderating control rods used in the reactors.   What type of carbon were these rods made of … ?
A5) Graphite
Q6) What kind of fuel was used in that plant: plutonium dioxide, neptunium dioxide or uranium dioxide … ?
A6) Uranium dioxide.
Q7) Chernobyl was the world’s nuclear accident: until a plant in which country exploded … ?
A7) Japan.
Q8) Finally … what was the name of the 2012 horror film, set in and around the Chernobyl plant … ?
A8) Chernobyl Diaries.
Enjoy those, folks.

I’ll leave you with this tune … 

And this quote from the late JFK.
“The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution of those determined to be free.”
John F Kennedy.
Enjoy the day … 

*        Good thing I know what you mean with Nuclear Graphite, Debbi: but, my word, that’s one HELL of a pencil … !

†        Phew … !

‡        Actually, Debbiª^, the thought occurs: you’ve said it, yourself, a few times, you’re a small business woman, struggling to keep her head above water.   Much like my ex-girlfriend, Allison’s, younger brother, Richard.   Huge Mac fan, Richard, and one who’s run his own car valetingº business for years.   He’d ALSO managed to buy his Apple kit from the Lakeside store: as he’s managed to ALSO get Apple’s business discount.   How much it was, I really don’t know: but enough to keep him going back for years, as Apple always applied whenever he upgraded.   Just a thought … 

º        Which is like car cleaning: but Richard — and others who provided the service — would also fill in scratches, give the car a serious polish, and do heavy duty interior cleaning.

ª        Just as a hint, Debbi: you’ll possibly find it handy to install one of the larger sized interior drives, in store.   But I’d suggest — if you get the Mac Mini, or 27” iMac — that you get RAM from a third party source: it usually works out cheaper.

^        Plus, of course, you’re an already established author: one who’s looking to expand her market from Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s platforms to include Apple’s iBooks range … 


Adrence Apong said...


2. 1998? The 16th Commonwealth Games was held in Kuala Lumpur at that time. I'm proud to be Malaysian!

3. I'll go for SEX but what the heck, it has to be ETHNICITY.

4. REPUBLIC! Now I have some Star Wars scenes playing inside my head. Thanks Paul!


Debbi said...

Absolutely, Paul! I think my books should already be in the iBookstore. If not, I'll be sure to put them up soon.

1. South Africa
2. 1994
3. ethnicity
4. republic
5. Uhura