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The Friday Question Set — 5-4-2013

You know, it has to be said, it’s almost — almost — tropical outside at the moment.

And I say that with a certain amount of irony.

Actually, no I don’t.

I say that with a huge bloody pile of irony.

After all, it was snowing the whole day, yesterday.


Given that and the fact it’s still nippy, you wouldn’t’ve thought it’s the day before the Grand National … !


At ANY rate, all talk of the weather aside, it’s Friday: and What Does Friday Mean … ?

Sorry, brief moment of needless capitalization, there … !

It’s a Friday.   Which means — as my regular readersº will realise — it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this Friday’s: covered, as ever, by the usual Creative Commons License*

Online 198   

Q1) Where would you find a jib?   
A1) On a sailing vessel: it’s a triangular sail usually at the front..

Q2) Diplomat Kofi Annan is the former Secretary General of the UN: which African country is he from?   
Q2) Ghana.

Q3) How deep — in feet and inches — is a fathom?   
A3) 6 foot.

Q4) What does the ‘mp’ stand for in mp3 player?   
A4) Moving Picture.   (The contraction is from Moving Picture Experts Group, the technical body that oversees digital audio and video standards.)

Q5) Which Asian country has the most universities?   
A5) India, with 8407.   (The US comes second with over 4000)

Q6) The streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey, were used in the original version of which board game?   

Q7) Srimavo Bandaranike was the world’s 1st Woman PM.   But of which Island nation?   
A7) Sri Lanka.   (Accept Ceylon.)

Q8) Wailing Cats is the literal German term for the for which ‘H’: heartburn, hangover or headache?   
A8) Hangover.

Q9) What does the word ‘Islam’ literally mean: submission, worshipper or God?   

Q10) Who co-wrote Fawlty Towers with John Cleese?   
A10) Connie Booth.  (She played Polly, the receptionist, and was married to Cleese at the time.)


Q11) Bamber Gasgoigne was the original presenter of which quiz?   
A11) University Challenge

Q12) Who’s the regular comedy partner of Dawn French?   
A12) Jennifer Saunders.

Q13) Who was the main female presenter of That’s Life?   
A13) Esther Rantzen.

Q14) Which time travelling detective series has main characters called Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt?   
A14) Life On Mars.

Q15) Bach’s Air on a G String was used in the tv ads for which brand of cigar?   
A15) Hamlet.

Q16) In a American tv public information film, which Hollywood star famously, and rather ironically said “Take it easy, driving”?   
A16) James Dean.

Q17) I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here is filmed in which country?   
A17) Australia.

Q18) In which decade was the series Tenko set?   
A18) The 1940s.

Q19) QI is presented by which member of Fry & Laurie?   
A19) Stephen Fry.

Q20) The other member of Fry & Laurie stars in which US medical drama?   
A20) House.   (Hugh Laurie)


Q21) A digitabulist collects what: thimbles, fingerbones or nail varnish?   
A21) Thimbles.

Q22) What name is given to a garden with geometrically arranged beds and small hedges?   
A22) Knot garden.

Q23) In bungee–jumping, what exactly is the bungee?   
A23) A length of elastic cord.

Q24) If you’re doing Batik, what — APART from fabric dye — are you painting onto fabric?   
A24) Wax.

Q25) Carillon is a popular form of which hobby: bell ring, choral singing or poetry recitation?   
A25) Bell ringing.

Q26) Who is the only known unmarried person, in Cluedo?   
A26) Miss Scarlet.

Q27) What is the national board game of Japan: Go, Shogi or Mah-Jonng?   
A27) Go.

Q28) How many dominoes are there in a standard set?   
A28) 28.

Q29) In Canadian rules canoeing, are you sitting, standing or kneeling, in the canoe?   
A29) Kneeling.

Q30) What name is given to an online diary?   
A30) Blog.   (Or WEB LOG, to be picky!)


Q31) In the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October, what nationality is Sean Connery’s character?   
A31) Lithuanian: obviously, the only Lithuanian to come from Glasgow … 

Q32) What is the full title of Die Hard 2?   
A32) Die Hard 2: Die Harder.

Q33) Who starred as an evil cop, in the film Unlawful Entry?   
A33) Ray Liotta.

Q34) How was Roscoe Arbuckle better known?   
A34) Fatty.

Q35) Who played Harrison Fords father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?   
A35) Sean Connery.

Q36) Who was the voice of Yoda, in Return of the Jedi?   
A36) Frank Oz.

Q37) Who directed the 1991 film, Jungle Fever: Spike Lee, Mel Brooks, or Sir David Lean?   
A37) Spike Lee.

Q38) Which US city featured in the film Robocop?   
A38) Detroit.

Q39) What was the name of the kidnapped dolphin, in Ace Ventura, Pet Detective?   
A39) Snowflake.

Q40) Which of the Kemp brothers played Ronnie Kray in The Krays?   
A40) Gary Kemp.


Q41) Name the dog, in The Famous Five
series of novels.   
A41) Timmy.

Q42) Truckers, Diggers and The Carpet People are children’s books written by which author?   
A42) Terry Pratchett.

Q43) According to Charles Dickens, which Essex town is the dullest place on Earth?   
A43) Chelmsford.

Q44) Will Smith stars in the film version of which Isaac Asimov book?   
A44) I, Robot.

Q45) The world’s most syndicated cartoon strip appears in 2, 580 newspapers: what strip are we talking about?   
A45) Garfield.

Q46) Which quirky fictional tv detective was created by R. D. Winfield?   
A46) Jack Frost.

Q47) How long did the late Alistair Cooke present his Letter from America: 56, 57 or 58 years … ?   
A47) 58 years.

Q48) Who disgraced former peer, wrote The Fourth Estate?   
A48) Jeffery Archer

Q49) What was the FULL name of Tom Sawyer’s girlfriend in the Mark Twain classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?   
A49) Rebecca ‘Becky’ Thatcher.

Q50) Who was the cartoonist whose satire appeared in Punch, Private Eye and The Sunday Times?   
A50) Gerald Scarfe.


Q51) Thomas Chippendale made what: furniture, footwear, or fruit-punch?   
A51) Furniture.

Q52) Mandarin is a form of which language?   
A52) Chinese.

Q53) Newsnight presenter, Jeremy Paxman is a fan of which punk band?   
A53) The Clash

Q54) Standing on the deck of a ship, and facing forward, what side of the ship is starboard?   
A54) The right-hand side.

Q55) If the first of day the month is a Thursday, what's the 8th day going to be?   
A55) Thursday.

Q56) Which was built first, the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building?   
A56) The Eiffel Tower.

Q57) Which fruit is bought by the bunch: grapes, pears or plums?   
A57) Grapes.

Q58) If you multiply the length of a rectangle, by its width, what do you get?   
A58) The area.

Q59) What word can go after soap, and before office?   
A59) Box.

Q60) What was the only Prince song to have won an Oscar?   

Enjoy that lot: I hope they help.

I’ll leave you with this song, shall I … ?

As I’m in THAT sort of mood … 

º        Including, I should add, everyone in the FB Quizmasters group I’m a member of, and the Wirströms Quiz Night Group!   You watch, I’ll be doing dedications, next … 

*        All it means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night.

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