Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Event Horizon — Still DAMN good!

28th June, 2016.

You know, I’ve — currently — got some free time on the go, right now.

I’m not complaining.


It lets me get on with some stuff I want to do: writing, mostly, but a little shopping, as well.

Including a blu-ray.

Now, you’re going to be thinking two things, aren’t you?

Why on earth didn’t you just rent the film from iTunes, as you usually do?   

Well, frankly, I didn’t have enough credit in my iTunes account.

And frankly?   Some of the specials that came with the disc look impressive.

OK, that’s maybe not an excuse to go seeing Event Horizon again.

But when a film’s this good, I want every excuse I can.


Set in 2047, Event Horizon shows us Dr Weir (Sam Neill), being called from his quarters on a future equivalent to the International Space Station, to join the crew of the Lewis and Clarke: a  ship with a crew of assorted medical staff and engineers headed by Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne*).

Their mission?   To head for the region of Neptune: where a signal’s been picked up from the long thought lost ship, Event Horizon.

A ship with a radical new faster than light drive … that was designed by Dr Weir … 

When the crew get to Neptune, they find the Horizon†, in low orbit: with its gravity turned off, no heating or air … 

And a corpse floating on the bridge.

That’s not the worst of things.

The problems start when the FTL drive is unintentionally activated: and youngest crew member, Justin, is sucked in … 


Now, you’re going to ask me, aren’t you?

“Paul, is Event Horizon STILL good?”

Oh, lord, yes!

The last time I saw the film, back in 2012, I initially gave it three stars on my — admittedly odd — ratings.

That’s going to get revised, I think.

OK, granted: the critics panned the film on its original release, some nineteen years ago.

But, like Bladerunner or John Carpenter’s The Thing, Event Horizon’s release to the home market has given it a huge new following.

That’s allowed those of us who haven’t seen it, to catch a fantastic little sci-fi/horror piece with a good cast, unnervingly good design and great little jump scares.

And those of us who HAVE seen it?

This re-release gives those of us who have seen it the chance to catch up with an old, and much loved friend.

Event Horizon

*        I have to admit, I’ve not caught Laurence Fishburne in much: but the man’s brought a sense of gravity to everything I’ve seen him in.   Miller, in Event Horizon?   Is no exception, I feel: Fishburne manages to bring a lot of intelligent authority to the part.

†        Can I make a confession, here?   I don’t know who did the set design, or the made the Event Horizon, and Lewis and Clarke models?   But it’s incredibly good work.   I don’t know if we could call the Horizon iconic.   But it is striking … 

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