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The Friday Question Set — 24-6-2016

You know, I keep — ALMOST — forgetting it’s Friday.

And that I’d like — LIKE — to post up the Friday Question Set!


It’s been a LONG few days since the last time I posted one of these up.


So, without much further ado?

Here’s this weeks Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 341
Round One.   General Knowledge.

Q1) What year of the 1970s did the Khmer Rouge call Year Zero?
A1) 1975.

Q2) More to the point, what did the Khmer Rouge re-name Cambodia, after they took over?
A2) Kampuchea.

Q3) What do we measure with a pedometer?

Q4) What’s the capital of the US state of Louisiana?

Q5) Dr Feelgood came from were-about in Essex?
A5) Canvey Island.   I’m under no commercially obligation to play you this … or this … 

Q6) If December the first is a Tuesday, how many Wednesdays will there be, in the month?
A6) 5.

Q7) How many creatures, mythical or otherwise, feature in the Chinese horoscope?
A7) 12.

Q8) Which Nick was BBC Sports Personality of the Year, in 1989?

Q9) Brian Wilson was a member of which 60s group?
A9) The Beach Boys.

Q10) How many sides does a decagon have?
A10) 10.

Round Two.   Music and Lights.

Q11) Which US band released Hip to Be Square?
A11) Huey Lewis and the News.

Q12) How many strings are there on a Spanish guitar?
A12) Six.

Q13) What’s the connection between Shania Twain, Jennifer Lopez, and Avril Lavigne?
A13) Computer viruses have been named after them.

Q14) Al and Lucille were the parents of which 60s American rock guitarist?
A14) Jimi Hendrix.

Q15) Saul Hudson is better known as which member of Guns & Roses?
A15) Slash.

Q16) Which member of Oasis married Patsy Kensit in 1997?
A16) Liam Gallagher.

Q17) Which band had a hit with Radio Gaga?
A17) Queen.

Q18) Who is Bernie Taupin’s most famous song-writing partner?
A18) Elton John.

Q19) Heather Small was the lead singer of which 90s band?
A19) M People.

Q20) Noddy Holder was the lead singer of which 70s band?
A20) Slade.

Round Three.   At the Movies.

Q21) Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry has all played which comic book character?
A21) Catwoman.

Q22) Which director directed the original French version of Bridget Fonda flick, The Assassin?
A22) Luc Besson.

Q23) What country did Robin Williams say Good Morning to, in 1987?
A23) Vietnam.

Q24) Woody Allen made an 80s movie about Hannah and her…what?
A24) Sisters.

Q25) Which 80s Warren Beatty film was all about Soviet Russia?
A25) Reds.

Q26) Who was Billy Crystal’s male co-star in Analyse This?
A26) Robert De Niro.

Q27) Which west London borough is associated with classic comedy movies?
A27) Ealing.

Q28) In the film, Miss Congeniality, who is Miss Congeniality?
A28) Sandra Bullock.

Q29) In the film Ghost, was Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore or Whoopi Goldberg, the ghost?
A29) Patrick Swayze.

Q30) In the children’s film, who plays The Cat In The Hat?
A30) Mike Myers.

Round Four.   Euro Tour.

Q31) On which island were the Mafia founded?
A31) Sicily.

Q32) What is the main religion of Albania?
A32) Islam.

Q33) Tallinn is the capital of which former Soviet republic?
A33) Estonia.

Q34) The Straits of Gibraltar connect the Atlantic with which sea?
A34) The Mediterranean.

Q35) Danair is based in which European country?
A35) Denmark.

Q36) Which mountainous European country is divided into cantons?
A36) Switzerland.

Q37) Which country is also known as the Hellenic Republic?
A37) Greece.

Q38) Majorca is part of which group of islands?
A38) The Balearics.

Q39) The province of Calabria is at the southernmost tip of which country?
A39) Italy.

Q40) Prior to its adoption of the Euro, what was the currency of Spain?
A40) The Peseta.

Round Five.   Hobbies and Leisure.

Q41) Are there more chairs at the start, or the end of a game of Musical chairs.
A41) At the start.

Q42) What is the less formal name for a turf accountants?  (Clean names, that is!)
A42) Bookie.

Q43) The Notting Hill Carnival is usually held on which bank holiday?
A43) August Bank Holiday.

Q44) In which county of the UK might you take a holiday on the Broads?
A44) Norfolk.

Q45) What would you hire from Moss Bros?
A45) A suit.

Q46) Butlins’ was the first successful what, in the UK?
A46) Holiday camp.

Q47) In the theatre, is the Circle on the first, or ground floor?
A47) The first floor.

Q48) Which magazine’s title is the French word for ‘she?’
A48) Elle.

Q49) Atari means what, when translated into English?
A49) Attack.

Q50) Hoyles Compendium is generally agreed to be the world’s most complete guide to what subject?
A50) Games.

Round Six.   General Knowledge.

Q51) What was the name of King Canute’s queen: Queen Emma, Queen Gemma or Queen Latifah?
A51) Queen Emma.

Q52) My Heart Will Go On was the theme tune to Titanic.   Who sang it?

Q53) The Midlands Bank is now known as the HSBC.   But what does HSBC stand for?

Q54) Standing on the deck of a ship, and facing forward, what side of the ship is starboard? 

Q55) Which of the following is bought by the bunch: grapes, pears, or plums? 
A55) Grapes.

Q56) If you multiply the length of a rectangle, by its width, what do you get? 
A56) The area.

Q57) What word can go after “soap”, and before “office”?
A57) Box.

Q58) Agar-agar is a type of gelatine made from what?
A58) Algae.

Q59) On  a standard computer keyboard, what function key is in the top left corner?
A59) Escape.

Q60) Who wrote the novel A Clockwork Orange?

I hope they’s useful … 

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