Monday, 6 June 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 6-6-2016

Ever so slowly … ?

Slowly, but ever so frequently …

I am yawning: enough to make me worry that my head’s going to drop off.

Yep … 

I’m up early, again.

And this time … ?

This time, it’s because I have to catch a bus to Basildon: to get to a hospital appoint, at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, for an ultrasound on my kidneys.

I’m concerned: not so much by the ultrasound scan.

But more by the bus journey.   If I’ve got that correct, I need to get the #9 to Basildon Town centre, then get the #100 to the hospital, itself.

I’m concerned.

I’ve been to Basildon, and look forward to the trip: but have never gone beyond the town centre.

I just hope I can find the blessed place!


Now, JUST as a final point?

I’m in the UK: as you may have realised.

In a couple of weeks time, we in the UK will be voting whether or not to remain in the EU: possibly the most important vote in a generation.

I will — point blank — refuse to tell you how to vote.

I’ve still not made my mind up, myself.

But know this.

If you haven’t registered to vote, by tomorrow, you won’t be able to vote in the referendum on the 23rd.

You can register online, here

I’d hate to see Britain make the wrong choice … 

Because of a low turn-out.


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting her answers: scoring ten out of ten in the process.   It also saw Olga† filling us in on her situation.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Her they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) The June Rebellion was put down: on 6th June, 1832.   The Rebellion was centred around which French city?
Q2) More to the point, the Rebellion featured in which Victor Hugo novel?
Q3) Which US city suffered a fire: on 6th June, 1889?
Q4) Roger Williams founded the capital of Rhode Island: on 6th June, 1636.   What IS that capital?
Q5) Southwark Bridge was formally opened, on 6th June, 1921: by the UK’s then king.   Which King?
Q6) Finally … Troops raided the Golden Temple, in Amritsar, India: on 6th June, 2016.   The Temple is the holiest place on Earth: for which religion?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 5th June is World Environment Day: run by an arm of the United Nations.   The day was first marked when: 1973, 1974 or 1975?
A1) 1974.
Q2) The day is organised by the UNEP: or United Nations Environment … what?
A2) Programme.
Q3) The host nation for 2016 is in Africa.   What IS that host nation: Angola, Burundi or Chad?
A3) Angola.
Q4) This year’s World Environment Day focuses on the illegal trade in what: drugs, wildlife or arms?
A4) Wildlife.
Q5) The rise in global temperature that we are responsible for, is usually called global what: warming, warning or working?
A5) Warming.
Q6) Climatic Change is what: man made, natural or both?
A6) Both.   Climate change, on the other hand, is purely man-made.
Q7) Tide gauge measurements are used to check the rise of what: CO₂, the sea or mountains?
A7) The sea.
Q8) La Niña and El Niño are temperature variations, where: the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Ocean?
A8) The  Pacific. (El Niño’s warmer, La Niña’s colder, I’m told.)
Q9) Water vapour, CO₂ and Methane are known as what gases?
A9) Greenhouse gases.
Q10) Finally … if you’re a politician interest in preserving the ecology, you’re what colour?
A10) Green.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“Death’s not one of those things that frighten the life out of me. Getting up on stage with the curtain going up frightens me more.”
Billie Whitelaw, 6 June 1932 – 21 December 2014.
And this tune … 

Have a good day!

*        You know, Debbi, I don’t know WHERE I heard it … but I distinctly remember hearing — from somewhere — that putting a brick in your toilet cistern saves water.   Weird the ideas you pick up, isn’t it?

†        I’ll be thinking of you, Olga: I don’t know if it would help, but if you could pass on my regards to your mother … ?


Mr Strict said...

1. Paris.
2. Les Misérables... (LOL,it took me very long to find the special character é)
3. Seattle.
4. Providence.
5. King George V.
6> Sikhism.

Debbi said...

I've heard that, too. Don't know if it's true or not.

1. Paris
2. Les Misérables
3. Seattle
4. Providence
5. George V
6. the Sikhs (or Sikhism)