Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Strain Series 2: Episodes 9 and 10 — The Battle for Red Hook and The Assassin

I have a confession to make, right now … 

Right now … ?

Right now, as I THINK I managed to mentioned, I’ve had a serious lack of sleep.

Something I know at least one regular reader has spotted.

At any rate, I put this down to one relatively simple thing.

A lack of sleep.   I had something of an early start, this morning …

Combined with a late night, last night.

Watching a couple more episodes of series two of The Strain.

I think that’s sort of the nature of The confession, though.

It’s not about the lack of sleep.


It’s about fact the series is getting just a touch … you know …

Moreish … !

If that’s the right word for seeing two more episodes, tonight …


Episode 9 — The Battle For Red Hook — shows us what Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley) suspected would happen.   That once Kelly (Natalie Brown) had found Fet’s apartment in Red Hook, the Strigoi would invade the district in force.

It’s down to Councillor Feraldo (Samantha Mathis) to organise both police and residents into something approaching armed resistance: ending with a triumphant big speech.


Meanwhile Setrakian has tracked down Eichorst to Fet’s apartment: seeing him off with silver bullets.

Only to see the devious former Nazi escape, jumping off a roof.

Episode 10 — The Assassin — sees Setrakian, Fet and Nora — David Bradley, Kevin Durand and Mía Maestro — trying to trace the Occido Lumen, having found it’s in the possession of one Rudyard Fonescu.

And trying to find it by the simple expedient of looking up every ‘R. Fonescu’ in the New York phone book.

Meanwhile?   Meanwhile, Councillor Feraldo is at a meeting in the Upper East Side, the posher part of the city.   In  order to protect it?

She needs to raise extra taxes: something not going to well with the residents … or the mayor.

Mayor Lyle (Ron Canada) feels he has only one option: to get the help of Eldritch Palmer.

Only for Eph — Corey Stoll — and Dutch — Ruta Gedmintas — decide to put Eph’s last minute plan into action.

The plan?   Kill Eldritch Palmer.


Now … ?

Is series two of The Strain* rush towards a heady climax involving death, destruction, mayhem and vile bloody murder?

I hope so!

I DO know that the series may not be great televisual art.

But, like the horror equivalent of a summer block buster, is jogging along at a fantastic pace …

And staying watchable, all the while.

*        Just as a question for everyone?   For most of this second season, the opening credits have been a comparatively shot 11 seconds long.   APART from in Episode, where a 70 second cartoon strip opening is used.   Why?   I wish I knew!

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