Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Strain Series 2: Episodes 11, 12 and 13 — Dead End, Fallen Light and The Night Train

You know, I’m getting into some bad habits, I really am.


Eating at the wrong time, too mush sugar in my tea, staying up late … !

Actually … ?

I’ve a good — ish — reason for staying up late, tonight.

For starters?  I’ve time off, tomorrow.


I’ve just watched the last three series of The Strain’s second series.


There’s a suitably satisfying big climax, there … !


Episode 11 — Dead End — shows us Eichorst’s past, as an unsuccessful radio salesman in Weimar Germany: falling in love with a pretty Jewish co-worker, but also becoming enraptured — and joining — the Nazis.

In the present day, Eichorst is torturing Dutch: who manages to eventually make escape … with some help from Eph, Nora and Fet.

Episode 12 — Fallen Light — shows us Setrakian dealing with Alonso Creem: in order to find the Occido Lumen, the old book that clues to how destroy the Master.

Something Eldritch Palmer is ALSO keen to find.

Episode 13 — The Night Train — tells us something about Eichorst: it seems he’s building an animal processing plant in an isolated part of the city.   We can only imagine what the animals are.

However?   At the auction for the Occido Luman, Eichorst’s plans are going less well: as he is out-bid on the book, by Setrakian, and double crossed by Palmer.

And, in  the ensuring ambush, that sees him try to steal the book?

Setrakian and Fet are rescued by Gus and his gang, AND Quinlan.

The shows climactic moments show them escaping …

And Eph mourning the death of Nora, and the kidnapping of his son.

And the hands of Kelly.


Now … ?

A satisfying climax?


OK, I don’t know if The Strain is as well made as Penny Dreadful.

But it’s like comparing Alien to Aliens.

Both are good: but in different ways.


Penny Dreadful is a fantastic character driven show.

The Strain … ?

Is all about the action!


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Oh, I got here ahead of the daily teaser today (probably because you're tired after the watching marathon. I'll try and visit later but have a friend coming to visit so I'm not sure). I haven't managed to catch on either of those... These days mostly reading, correcting, translating and going to appointments with my mother.
Although I've watched all of them (I think) I'll always remember 'Alien'. Fantastic designs and settings too. One of those movies where everything is good (acting, direction, sets...) And of course great story well told... (and I do love horror... )

Nik Nak said...

I think we can say you either got here early, or got here, late, Olga! :D

At ANY rate, both The Strain and Penny Dreadful are fantastic bits of work! They should both be lurking around on a Video on Demand service, SOMEWHERE near you … !

And, yes: utter classic that it is, Alien had some fantastic designer: who, originally had been pencilled in for a version of Dune that never got off the ground.

Including H. R. Giger, the Swiss conceptual artist who designed the original Alien …