Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Strain Series 2: Episodes 3 and 4 — Fort Defiance and The Silver Angel

Well … those seemed to go well enough … 

Did I tell you I had a GP’s appointment, today?

Following up on the blood tests from a few weeks back, and the ultrasound, yesterday?

Sounds like I’ve got the (relative) all clear on both.

Or, at least, nothing’s there that my doctor and I weren’t expecting!

Bar IBS!


On top of that … ?

I’ve had some eye tests, today: for new spectacles.

Those should be ready to go, on Monday: although I’ll need to have them fitted.

Worryingly, though?

It seems I have very early stage cataracts.

Although they’re not affecting my vision, as yet, my optician tells me it’s something they want to keep an eye on.

So to speak.

Right now … ?

I’m glad we don’t need to operate.

The operation sounds damn scary!


At any rate … ?

At any rate, I had an evening free.

An evening I wanted to spend, deliberately not worrying about my health: and living in the now.

You’re right.

In front of the TV, again.

With series 2 of The Strain.

Well, I had the next two episodes at the head of the playlist.


Episode 3Fort Defiance — tells us that Eph’s son, Zack, is angry at his father, for not letting him talk to his now Strigoi mother.   So Eph (Corey Stoll) shows Zack (Max Charles) the vampires kept at the lab …

In the meantime … ?   Out patrol the Red Hook district, Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) and Fet (Kevin Durand) have come across a Missing Person’s poster: looking for Nikki, Dutch’s former lover.

And Abraham?   Abraham’s managed to re-discovered a use for the worms that spread the Strigoi virus: as he tells Nora (Mia Maestro), mash the worms up, and using them as eyedrops, has kept him very well preserved for ninety-four.

Episode 4The Silver Angel — opens by introducing us to Angel: an ageing Mexican wrestler, watching an old film of himself — in costume — fighting a made for TV vampire.

The scene moves: as Eph, Nora, Fet and Dutch release the strigoi that’s been infected with a vampire killing virus into the wild.

Eph and Nora get the proof the virus works, when infected strigoi are forced to jump from roof-tops by their master.

In all this madness?   Gus manages to live something of a normal live: having lunch at a local tandoori restaurant, flirting with the owners daughter … and releasing the dishwasher is his childhood hero, the Silver Angel …


Now … 

You’re asking me if The Strain’s any good?

Oh, yes.   The first episode of this second series was one I found confusing: but once I’d got back into the swing of how each episode is cut together?

I found myself rapidly enjoying both of tonight’s instalments.


I’m looking forward to more of … 

The Strain … !

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