Wednesday, 1 June 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episodes 12 and 13 (Chapters 38 and 39)

Right … 

It’s a Wednesday: just in case you hadn’t guessed.

And frankly, one where I’ve had little do: beyond house-keeping, a little light writing, and some shopping.

And … ?

AND watching some TV.

Now, given you know I like several series — Dr Who, certainly, plus Merlin, Torchwood and Penny Dreadful — you’d be correct in assuming it’s one of the few I’ve happily withered on about.

You‘d be right.

In this case, though?

The last two episodes of series three, in fact.

Wowsa … 


Episode 12 tells us that Frank’s rival for the Democrat Presidential nomination — Heather Dunbar, played by Elizabeth Marvel — is gaining in popularity.   The only thing boosting Frank’s ratings?   Is the presence, on campaign of Claire (Robin Wright).

To prevent this, Dunbar needs dirt on Claire: and turns to Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) in the process.  

What she doesn’t know … ?   Is that Doug is defecting back to Frank.

But has a little business to finish.

Episode 13, the last of the season, show us Rachel: Doug’s former lover, and the woman who’d practically crippled him at the end of Series 2.   Rachel (Rachel Brosahan) is working illegally, in South America.

But, after buying a new — and false — set of ID papers?   Is kidnapped by a Doug Stamper who is bent on revenge.

And taking her somewhere abandoned to bury her body … 

Back in the States?   Things aren’t going well for Frank.

Claire has something of a bombshell for him … 


Now … that word, wowsa … ?

Well, I’m blowed if I know where that comes from: but think I’m justified in using it.


Having now SEEN all of series three of House of Cards I can’t say that it’s as strong as the first two entries.


These last two episode do make up for that: AND close with a brilliant cliff-hanger.

Personally … ?

I’m not American.

So I’m looking forward to the 4th July … 

When series 4 is released to DVD … 

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