Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 7-6-2016

Bleaugh … 

I was up late, last night!

But … ?

I can at least say that I managed to catch … The Strain!

Which is rather fun.


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, yesterday’s hospital appointment went well, as did the actual bus trip, there.

I was a little apprehensive, as I’d never actually got beyond Basildon town centre’s bus station.

Today, however?

I’ve got a GP’s appointment, following up on some blood tests, a few weeks ago.

I’ll find out, today, when I’ll find about yesterday’s scans.

I’ve got another appointment, too.

With a local opticians.

Can I tell you something … ?

I’d originally made an appointment with the opticians who’d supplied my last two sets of spectacles.   As I was out of work?   I got a hell of a lot of help, paying for both them, and the actual eye test.

This time, I didn’t: the test would’ve cost me £25, and on pair of glasses, £50!

Not something I fancied forking over.

I’ve since changed opticians.

The new ones looks seriously cheaper: even with my eyesight!


But, let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Mr Strict* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring six out of six.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) The Petition of Right was formally approved by the King of England: on 7th June, 1628.   Which King was it: Charles 1st, Charles 2nd or Charles 3rd?
Q2) 7th June, 2015, saw the sad death of actor, Christopher Lee.   Which of his films did he describe as his best: The Man With the Golden Gun, The Wicker Man or Dracula?
Q3) 7th June, 1929, saw the ratification of the Lateran Treaty.   Which city state did this establish?
Q4) The United Nations formally defined what was nicknamed the Blue Line: on 7th June, 2000.   The Line was the border between Israel and where?
Q5) Finally … Which French painter was born on 7th June, 1848: Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin or Paul Cézanne?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) The June Rebellion was put down: on 6th June, 1832.   The Rebellion was centred around which French city?
A1) Paris.
Q2) More to the point, the Rebellion featured in which Victor Hugo novel?
Q3) Which US city suffered a fire: on 6th June, 1889?
A3) Seattle.
Q4) Roger Williams founded the capital of Rhode Island: on 6th June, 1636.   What IS that capital?
Q5) Southwark Bridge was formally opened, on 6th June, 1921: by the UK’s then king.   Which King?
Q6) Finally … Troops raided the Golden Temple, in Amritsar, India: on 6th June, 2016.   The Temple is the holiest place on Earth: for which religion?
A6) Sikhism.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“My favorite moments? Where it’s all going swimmingly, the sun’s out and I’ve got a fire going and a nice snake on the barbecue.”
Bear Grylls, born 7th June, 1974.
And this tune … 

Have a nice day … 

*        It’s a lot easier to do on a Mac, D … ;)   (You press alt and E to get the ´.   Then you press E.   To get é … Umm … )

†        There’s a few websites around, Debbi, I know that.   I saw a US site, yesterday: that sold rubber bricks, specifically to use in the loo.   The UK’s equivalent is something called a Water Hippo.   I swear the ’Net’s getting odder by the day.


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Still waiting on dates for my mother's catheterism. To do accents in word... you can press CTRL and ALT at the same time and the letter that needs the accent. Of course there's always the option of changing to a different keyboard...
One of these days I hope I'll have some time...
And I hope the tests are all OK (IBS can be difficult to control but some people manage quite well...)

Debbi said...

Ain't that the truth? :)

1. Charles 1st
2. The Wicker Man
3. the Holy See
4. Lebanon
5. Paul Gauguin