Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Brunel House: Once More … !

I have to confess, when I need to concentrate, there’s times when the TV goes off, and the stereo — so to speak — gets switched on.

Although these days, ‘the stereo’ tends to either be the 1990s era Mac Performa at the other end of my front room.

Or the copy of iTunes 10•5•2 I have on Bruce, my Mac Mini.

Right at the moment?

Right a the moment I have iTunes on, and am playing Amon Tobin’s Foley Room.

Riveting stuff, so you know: if you can imagine Delia Derbyshire reborn as a mad Brazilian free-jazz/Music-Concret fan, you kind of get the idea …

At any rate … ?

As fun as I’m finding Foley Room, that’s NOT what I was going to tell you about.


No, I was going to tell you about the recent planning application that’s gone into Brentwood Council, for the patch of undeveloped ground in Saint James Road.

Now, that patch of land has been famously argued about, for some time: in fact, back in 2010, I actually was the token objector when the flats back then, went before Brentwood Council’s planning Committee.

But, as you may know — if you’ve been following me for a while — plans have been resubmitted to the Council, for a mixed development of flats, offices and shops, as listed here. (Ref: 11/01195/FUL, so you know.)

Like I’ve said, I’ve already objected: firstly, on the grounds that this is a perfect place to put a small public park, or at least a bit of green space.

And secondly, on the ground the proposed developments — this, and the previous ones — would generate enough overflow parked cars so as to seriously impede emergency vehicle access to the area.

However, for those of us in the area … ?

Those of us in the area can formally object to the plans.

By going to the link on Brentwood Council’s site, here, and filling in the form.

Just as a final thought … ?

Former Councillor Chilvers was instrumental in helping residents in her (former) patch getting the plans rejected back in 2010.

The photo she has in her blog post about the recent application … ?

Seem to have vanished.

Now, I don’t know if that’s a normal part of procedures such as this. But can’t help feeling that’s a BIT whiffy …


Karen Chilvers said...

I love the conspiracy theory but the photo is still there!!!

Karen Chilvers said...

I love a conspiracy theory but it is still there!

Nik Nak said...

I hate to say this, Karen … but the photos aren’t showing!

Here’s a screen-grab from today …