Saturday, 21 January 2012

Insidious: Blood, guts, and spooky goings on, in a coma æ !

21st January, 2012

OK, OK, I’ll grant you, it’s not that often I leave a write up about a film I’ve watched, this late.

But I’ve got to admit, I quietly watched a film last night …

And wanted SOMETHING of a clear head when it came down to writing up what I thought.

One that WASN’T clogged up with tiredness toxins, in other words …


Of course, the film in question … ?

The film in question, that I caught was the James Wan directed, 2011 film, Insidious.

Insidious sees the young family of Josh and Renai Lambert moving to a new home with their three children.

And moving out, soon afterwards, after a series of events leads to their eldest son, Dalton, ending up in a mysterious coma.

A coma, they’re told, has seen him astrally projecting to a supernatural realm where his soul is in severe danger of possession.

By something


Now … ?

Am I impressed … ?

Am I though … ?

Yes …

Yes, I think I am.

Now, I’ll happily grant that Insidious isn’t necessarily the greatest horror movie ever made: nor the one with the biggest budget.

Much like indie Brit-horror-flick, Outpost, Insidious isn’t an out and out gore-fest. What it IS, however, is a film that does it’s best to scare you silly, by giving you a case of the serious creeps.

And, like Outpost — and possibly the original, 1970s version of The Wicker Man — does so by putting every penny on screen, with creepy backing-lighting and camera-angles, solid acting, and tightly paced, writing: all three of which, for my money, working JUST as well as a going over from Weta Workshop or ILM.

I think I’m going to suggest what I did with Outpost.

And suggest you see Insidious.



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Gwen said...

I have got the film on blu ray and although its not what i call a brilliant film, i liked it enough to watch again as it does have a few jumpy bits. I do like the song tiptoe through the tulips as it is a classic eerie tune and i like to sing it much to Stefan`s annoyance lol.
I do prefer a horror film that will scare the crap out of me rather than lots of gore so i guess this is the film for me.