Thursday, 26 January 2012

Taylor Wimpey: What Are They Doing, Now … ?

OK …

I’ve GOT to say, I’m serious.

What the heck are Taylor Wimpey up to, now … ?

Well, building things, obviously.

Oh …

And annoying people, as well, I should add!

I’ve got to admit, there’s a couple of reasons I say that.

For starters … ?

For starters, I’ve had a leaflet from them, through my door, today.

Explaining how their NEW proposed plans for the patch of ground in Saint James Road is both mixed use — rather than the offices that they had permission for — and — get THISslightly smaller than the originally planned offices*.

They’ve ALSO put up a larger version on the fence surrounding the ground.

Which ALSO happens to emphasise the fact that the new plans included both 24 residential units.

And — AND — a crèche!

Wow: a REAL crèche … !

Can I be frank, here … ?

I think there’s a lot of children in the area that I know of.

I’ll happily pull frowns at any of them who manage to kick their footballs against my front window.

Providing a crèche, though … ?

Is a nice idea …

If it wasn’t for the fact that — to my knowledge — there’s about 20 to 30 kids in the are: but only three — at a guess — are of crèche age. (Say 4 years old and under, I’d’ve thought.)


On top of THAT … ?

On top of that, this week’s Brentwood Gazette has a letter on the subject: and not from me, for once!

Here …
“I noticed an article about the proposed development at St. James Road (Gazette, Jan 11th.)

I personally think that creating offices is a waste of time and money. There are enough empty offices in Brentwood as it is. It would be pointless to build more.

Opposite the proposed site isa great example: the building next to the Premier Inn carpark was transformed into modern-loooking offices. It has been empty, ever since.

I strongly believe that if the proposed site was made into a multi-storey car park, it would relieve the local parking issues — by giving residents permits — and generate money through parking for London commuters and local shops, such as hairdressers. People complain enough as it is about problems with finding somewhere to park. It will only get worse, when the William Hunter Way carpark disappears, and the new shops and cinema are built.”
Now, I have to admit, I’ve not actually met Ms Jones.

But she is talking a certain amount of sense: although I personally think a small public park — as the local kids aren’t really of crèche age — would be in order, rather than a residents carpark.

But I’m glad to see someone else is talking a modicum of sense.

* Of course it’s slightly smaller: they’ve seemingly removed the elevator shaft …

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