Friday, 13 January 2012

The Friday Question Set

Oh, well, now …

That’s seems to be working!

I’ve now officially put the Friday Question Set, separately from today’s Teaser.

Now, I don’t know how that’s going to work out, long term: I have, after all, sort of got used to a LONG post, first thing of a Friday morning.

As — I’m sure — have my regular readers.

Let me know what you think, please.

Whether it’s a good thing … ?

Is going to be down to you.

Without much further ado, then, here’s the Friday Question Set, along with the ‘How To’ and Creative Commons License

Online 135: Copied From Hutton 198

Q1) Which of the Monty Python team has the initial’s ‘MP’
A1) Michael Palin.

Q2) Which pianist made the album, Songs from the West Coast?
Q2) Elton John.

Q3) What in 1997, did Lord Gyllene win on a Monday, that, but for a bomb threat, he would’ve won on a Saturday?
A3) The Grand National.

Q4) Robben Island famously held Nelson Mandela for many years: which South African city is it near?
A4) Cape Town

Q5) What fruit flavour is Cointreau?
A5) Orange.

Q6) How old was Billy the Kid, when he died? (Bonus point for the real name.)
A6) 21. (His real name was William H. Bonney)

Q7) On a standard computer keyboard, where is the ‘O’ in relation to the ‘L’; – above it, below it or next to it?
A7) Above it

Q8) In rhyme, on which day of the week was Solomon Grundy married?
A8) Wednesday.

Q9) Which Little book by Louisa May Alcott was a huge best-seller?
A9) Little Women.

Q10) Julia Smith became the estranged wife of which Rugby player?
A10) Will Carling.

Round 2. Soap and Flannel.

Q11) Henry Ramsey appears in which Aussie soap?
A11) Neighbours.

Q12) Which soap is set in Borsetshire? (Bonus point for saying which channel it’s broadcast on.)
A12) The Archers.

Q13) What US soap is Knot’s Landing, a spin off from?
A13) Dallas.

Q14) Alexis Carrington was played by which actress?
A14) Joan Collins.

Q15) That same actress made her first US TV appearance in which science fiction series?
A15) Star Trek.

Q16) EastEnders character, Peggy Mitchell, was played by which former Carry On, actress?
A16) Barbara Windsor.

Q17) In which soap does the character of Sinbad appear?
A17) Brookside.

Q18) Which EastEnders character has an affair with his mother in law?
A18) Grant Mitchell.

Q19) What soap was originally going to be called Florizel Street?
Q19) Coronation Street.

Q20) The Campbell’s and the Tates feature in which US series?
A20) Soap.


Q21) The Black Forest is in which European country?
A21) Germany.

Q22) Which colour is the middle stripe of the French flag?
A22) White.

Q23) What is the capital of Bulgaria?
A23) Sofia.

Q24) Prior to the introduction of the Euro, what was the currency of Italy?
A24) The Lira.

Q25) Two colours make up the Greek flag: name either. (Two points for both)
A25) Blue and white

Q26) Nero fiddled, whilst which European city burnt?
A26) Rome.

Q27) The Pope is the head of which European state?
A27) Vatican City.

Q28) What are the only armed forces in Monaco?
A28) The Palace Guard.

Q29) Which country is home to the European Investment Bank?
A29) Luxembourg.

Q30) Name one of the two heads of state of Andorra.
A30) The President of France, or the Spanish Bishop of Urgel.

Round Four. The Written Word.

Q31) William the Conqueror ordered a Survey of England, after the 1066 invasion of England: what name is it now known by?
A31) The Domesday Book.

Q32) Dante’s Inferno forms part of the Divine what, Comedy or Tragedy?
A32) Comedy

Q33) Who wrote the novel, A Clockwork Orange?
A33) Anthony Burgess.

Q34) Train-spotting is based on the book of the same name: who wrote it?
A34) Irving Walsh.

Q35) 25th January sees the birthday of which Scottish writer?
A35) Robert Burns.

Q36) Sindbad, Aladdin and Ali Baba appear in which famous Arabic book?
A36) The 1001 Arabian Nights.

Q37) Mrs Hudson was the landlady, and house-keeper of which famous detective?
A37) Sherlock Holmes.

Q38) H. G. Welles wrote War of the Worlds, and The Invisible Man. What did the H stand for? (Extra point for the G.)
A38) Herbert. (George.)

Q39) What was the 2nd James Bond novel?
A39) Dr No.

Q40) In which George Orwell novel would you find the phrase, “War is Peace”?
A40) 1984.


Q41) Vincent Damon Furnier is better known as which 70’s rock star?
A41) Alice Cooper.

Q42) Boze was the pseudonym of which famed British writer?
A42) Charles Dickens.

Q43) How did film audiences know Walter Henry Pratt?
A43) Boris Karloff.

Q44) Hector Hugh Munroe published published volumes of short stories under which name?
A44) Saki.

Q45) Frances Gumm was better known as which movie star & gay icon?
A45) Judy Garland.

Q46) The fictional Lord Greystoke was better known how? (Bonus point for the name of the author who created him.)
A46) Tarzan. (Edgar Rice Bourroughs)

Q47) The prehistoric smilodon is better known how?
A47) The sabretooth tiger.

Q48) What’s the formal name of the Dogstar?
A48) Sirius B.

Q49) In 1988, which Australian monument and tourist attraction reverted to its native name of Uluru?
A49) Ayer’s Rock.

Q50) Brian Warner is the real name of which rock star?
A50) Marilyn Manson.


Q51) Thomas Arne’s jingoistic opera, Alfred, brought which song to the British nation?
A51) Rule Britannia.

Q52) Which cerebral affliction can lead to premature senility?
A52) Alzheimer’s Disease.

Q53) Who was executed by Queen Mary 1st after her uncle tried putting her on the throne?
A53) Lady Jane Grey.

Q54) Which Indonesian tourist centre was bombed in 2002?
A54) Bali.

Q55) What is NaCl more commonly known as?
A55) Salt.

Q56) In what year was the Great fire of London?
A56) 1666.

Q57) The Unification Church is more commonly known as what?
A57) The Moonies.

Q58) Every Part of Me’s Bleeding and The Hut are works by which modern British artist?
A58) Tracey Emin.

Q59) Nicholas Brakespear is the only British person to do what: be elected Pope, walk on the Moon or die having sex?
A59) Be elected Pope. (His Papal name was Adrian 4th, and — until the death of John Paul 1st — had shortest reign of any pope.)

Q60) What bottle size comes between a Magnum and a Rehoboam?
A60) A Jeroboam.

Enjoy that, folks: I hope it’s helpful. Please feel free to let me know of any problems you spot.

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