Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Saint James Road Planning Application … Goes Global … 

Hmmm …

You know, I’ve got to be honest, there’s been a bit of postering going on*.

Seemingly … ?

Seemingly, there’s to be a photocall, this coming Saturday — 7th January, 2012, arranged by former Councillor Chilvers, so you know — so that we can protest about the plans being put forward, for that end of Saint James Road.

Again … !

Personally, I intend to be there.

After all, I do have a record of these things …

And opinions I think is still are valid.

After all, I still think this development will hinder emergency vehicle access to the area. And add to the general congestion of the area.

Here’s hoping this leads to some results …


Now …

As an extra point, here … ?

I’ve got a nasty feeling about this.

Well, nasty-ish.

You see, as far as I can tell, one has to make plans available to the council — and the people it represents — when putting in a planning application.

Brentwood Council usually puts them on it’s website.

However … ?

I’ve had a look at the relevant part of the site, and the assorted documents that are supposed to be there … ?


Now I figured, at first, it may well just be incomplete testing by Brentwood Counocil’s IT staff: failing to check whether the pages concerned would show up with Safari.

But quickly checking on a friend’s Windoze based laptop, that only had IE7 … ?

I got the same result:‘The Document is Not Available At this Time’.

It’s not just me, either.

I’ve been quietly having words with a few online friends of mine.

They can’t either.

Now … ?

I don’t know if that’s incompetence or something more sinister.

But it REALLY doesn’t look too stunning, under the circumstances …

* Complete unhelped by yours truly, of course …

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