Friday, 20 January 2012

Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 9. The Gathering.

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You know, I’m a thinking, it’s sort of a shame Grub’s thinking that giving up the ghost on Torchwood: Miracle Day.


OK, granted, Miracle Day has been a lot slower than it’s predecessor, Children of Earth.

But I think that in tonight’s penultimate episode, The Gathering is Torchwood that is — if not at it’s best — then certainly on form.

The Gathering is some 2 months after the events of last weeks eighth episode.

And open’s with a big Welsh bang: the sort of big bang created by Gwen, as she ram-raids a Cardiff chemists, to steal as many pharmaceuticals as possible.

Her and husband, Rhys, have been robbing chemist to help both their neighbours, and Gwen’s Category 1 father, deal with any aches and pains they have.

In the mean time … ?

Well, in the meantime, Esther has managed to smuggle Jack into the UK, whilst banking his blood, a bit at a time.

And Rex, now with the CIA, has finally found a lead to the Three Families: ironically through a short story depicting the multiple killings of Jack that had been arranged by Angelo.

Rex has ALSO worked out something else, as well: that his particular CIA branch office has a problem with moles.

With all of this going on … ?

The fact that Oswald Danes has something he want’s to tell the crew, and that Jilly Kitzinger is now — seemingly — being taken to see the Blessing … ?

Well …


Well …

What CAN one say … ?

Actually, probably lots of things, actually … !

For one thing … ?

Well, for ONE thing, the series has been coming along nicely: granted, Miracle Day is and has been slow, so far.

But I mentioned, earlier, that I felt The Gathering to be the most on form of the series, to date … ?

Along with episode 1, which had a lot of work to do, for it’s US audience.

But The Gathering … ?

Yes …

I’m thinking The Gathering is setting up Miracle Day for a nice big finish … !

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